Valorant Pro fzkk Tests Positive for Covid-19

Valorant Pro fzkk Tests Positive for Covid-19

Abhimannu Das
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  • Vorax player 'fzkk' has tested positive for Covid-19 and may not be playing in Valorant First Strike.
  • The player is temporarily ruled out by Riot Games until he gets clearance from his second test.
  • If Vorax is unable to find a replacement by December 3, the team will be disqualified from the tournament.

Vorax may have a player missing in the upcoming Valorant First Strike finals later this week. In a test conducted by Riot Games, it was revealed that ‘fzkk’ is COVID-19 positive. The player himself confirmed the news on his social media profiles and the organization revealed the news to the fans as well. The team is currently getting a new test done, and Riot is awaiting results.

Will ‘fzkk’ Be Allowed to Play in The Upcoming Valorant First Strike Finals?

The upcoming Valorant tournament is scheduled from December 3 to December 6, and fzkk needs to be cleared by Riot Games before that if he is to be allowed to play in the tournament. For those who are new to South American esports, Vorax is a Brazilian team that was created via a merger between Prodigy Esports and Falkol Esports. The team was just established on 17th November 2020 and it is led by coach Rodrigo ‘Gatti’ Gatti. Players in the team include Hiago ‘delevingne’ Baldi, Matheus ‘dragonite’ Matos, Gabriel ‘v1xen’ Martins, Gustavo ‘krain’ Melara and Leonardo ‘fzkk’ Puertas.

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Will Vorax Replace ‘fzkk’ For the Tournament?

Vorax’s partner and director, Marian Leite, revealed that ‘fzkk’ was immediately isolated from the Valorant team and is currently at home. Other team members tested negative and are safe. The whole team was practicing together since November 10 and no trips have been made since then. The South American First Strike event will be in-person which is why ‘fzkk’ being positive is such a huge blow for the team.

Leite also revealed that ‘dragonite’ had tested positive recently, but in a re-examination, the result turned out to be negative. Both ‘dragonite’ and ‘fzkk’ were asymptomatic and Vorax will be relying on a reexamination before ruling ‘fzkk’ out of the tournament. They do not want to harm the Valorant player’s chances to compete and will take a decision only after the results are back. Currently, the team does not have any substitute players and will have to make some last-minute changes if they want to compete in the tournament this week.

The Riot Games team will not allow ‘fzkk’ to compete if his results show up positive again. Riot does allow last-minute changes and will allow Vorax to find a replacement if they need to before the Valorant First Strike event begins. If they are unable to find a replacement, Vorax will not be allowed to compete in the upcoming event.

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