Acer Predator League 2020 Starts This December

Abhimannu Das
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  • The Acer Predator League is back with a prize pool of INR 4,00,000 split across three tournaments.
  • The flagship tournaments will feature PUBG and Valorant as well as a women's only tournament.
  • The event will be online only and registrations are now open.

The Acer Predator League is set to begin this December, with players getting an opportunity to compete in Valorant and PUBG. The Predator Gaming League (PGL) is also introducing a tournament that is exclusive to women to help promote the female gaming community in India. 

The tournament kicks off on December 2nd and will take place until December 20th. The total prize pool for the event is INR 4,00,000 ($5430).

What’s New in Acer Predator League 2020

The Predator gaming league is going to be a month-long festival where players can compete in PUBG for prizes. Valorant is the second game to be added to the event following its release earlier this year. The event will feature multiple tournaments, including a women’s only tournament in partnership with Acer. Players can head to to register for the tournament. After setting up an account via email activation, you will be able to log in and register for any of the events you are eligible for.

The tournament will be split across three phases until the end of 2020, with spots for hundreds of teams in the qualifiers. The event will kick-off on December 3rd and last till the end of the month to crown the champions in Valorant and PUBG. The tournament will be hosted completely online with no LAN events scheduled. Participants and fans can follow the league via Acer’s social media pages.

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Eligibility and Rules

Acer Predator League 2020 Starts This December
There are three tournaments at the event, including a women's only Valorant tournament.
Image by Acer

All players must register themselves via the official link with required details, including in-game IDs. Teams must register with names and essential information for all players ahead of the tournament.

  • All players are required to be a part of the Discord channel.
  • The player profile icons should not contain racist, irrelevant, or trademarked images.
  • Players must keep checking their emails, Discord, and the official website for tournament updates.
  • Players must show up on the game day at the scheduled time for matches.
  • Registering for the tournament serves as confirmation that players accept all rules stated by the Predator League.

There are separate PUBG and Valorant rulebooks available on the Predator League website, and players are expected to through all the necessary information before registering.

About Predator League

The Predator League is a yearly event held in partnership with Acer. The tournament seeks to support the gaming industry in the APAC region, and in India, we have had PUBG tournaments in past years. With the introduction of Valorant, the Acer Predator League is now hosting tournaments for two of the most popular esports titles in India. The league officially launched in 2018 and this will be the third year of the event. 

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