A Valorant Battle Royale Mode is Allegedly in Testing


A Valorant Battle Royale Mode is Allegedly in Testing

Abhimannu Das
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  • Valorant is reported to be working on a battle royale mode as part of a seasonal update or a permanent game mode.
  • The leak was reported by PlayerIGN, a popular leaker who operates within the PUBG, Valorant and COD communities.
  • The game mode is currently in testing within Chinese communities as of last week.

Despite the mad popularity of battle royale games worldwide, Valorant managed to carve a niche for itself as a team-based shooter. But Riot Games wants a slice of the battle royale pie too according to PlayerIGN, who is a known leaker in the Valorant, PUBG, and Call of Duty communities. A battle royale mode might is currently in testing within Chinese communities according to the leaker.

What Will Valorant’s Battle Royale Mode Be Like?

A Valorant Battle Royale Mode is Allegedly in Testing
The upcoming battle royale mode is reported to be in testing in the Chinese communities.
Image by Riot Games

Player IGN posted, “Valorant’s battle royale is being tested by a small group of players as of last week. In any case, it's confirmed there's some kind of exclusive testing with the Chinese players atm.”. Even if a battle royale is indeed being tested, we cannot know for sure if it will be a reality. The upcoming battle royale mode might be a seasonal event or a permanent game mode.

Data miners recently discovered code that revealed a snowball game mode is headed to Valorant this winter which hints at the possibility of a limited time battle royale event being a possibility. New game modes and maps are welcome additions to the game. Recently, the Valorant dev team revealed that they are working on new maps, agents, and more content. They also addressed the issue of content droughts and large time gaps between patches. Players can expect more frequent content updates in the coming months.

Players have received no limited-time seasonal events yet and a winter-themed battle royale mode could offer a fresh experience. Currently, the battle royale genre is dominated by Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex Legends. Riot Games challenging the established titles with its own Valorant Battle Royale could open up the competition.

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What Else Is Coming to Valorant?

A Valorant Battle Royale Mode is Allegedly in Testing
Ingame leaderboards, server transfers and a host of other updates are also coming to Valorant.
 Image by Riot Games

A number of other updates are headed to Valorant aside from its seasonal content and potential battle royale mode. Players can expect to see a server transfer option next year. The dev team confirmed that players will be able to switch regions whilst also carrying over their stats, account progress, and cosmetic purchases to any server. In-game leaderboards are also in the works and players will soon be able to see their global rankings as well as a friends leaderboard. Currently, a leaderboard is not available in-game and Riot Games manually publishes the names of the top 100 players of each region every month. Map-specific queues have also been considered by the team and may be implemented if the Valorant team deems it necessary to help players experience new maps.

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