TEC Valorant Challenger Series #4 - Another Win for Velocity Gaming

Shounak Sengupta
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  • Velocity Gaming win the TEC Valorant Challenger Series #4.
  • This is the team's third win the series and they have each edition that they have played in.

The finals of the TEC Valorant Challenger Series #4 came to an end with Velocity Gaming once again claiming the win in an edge of the seat encounter. This time they were up against Noble Esports who pushed VLT to 5 maps but were unable to take home the trophy. The win marks VLT's third win in 4 editions of the Challenger Series as they did not play in series #3. This is also the first time Noble Esports made an appearance in the finals, putting up an impressive show in what will be their final competition under the Noble banner. 

Big performances from Sssami, Rexy and Harsh allowed Noble to take an early lead in the grand finals as they fought off VLT's late comeback to take Bind 13-9. Both sides had a much better time attacking than defending but Sssami's Reyna was instrumental in opening up sites and going for aggressive picks for Noble. Things moved on to Haven, a map where VLT have thrived due to Ace's exemplary Sova play and the team took an early lead on their attacking side, finishing the half 8-4. A clutch last round by their IGL, Amaterasu showed just how much depth the squad has within them. Noble tried to claw back in after winning their attacking pistol round VLT allowed them little room. Playing with an abundance of information, the team had little trouble establishing map control and stacking the correct sites in most of the rounds as Noble were simply not able to make use of their kit to break through. 

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On Split, a monster performance by Excali allowed VLT to take the lead in the series as the veteran campaigner had a plethora of nades up his sleeve. His nade usage was a nightmare for Noble to deal with as players VLT communicated effectively to allowed Excali to be in the right places to use his utlity. Big numbers from him and Ace ended things for Noble who simply had too few rounds on their attacking half to put up a fight. The fortune's reversed on Ascent as Noble effectively clamped down on Excali and Antidote to equal the series. A similar story with VLT unable to put up enough rounds in the attacking half to have a shot at coming back in the map. 

The series boiled down to Split where once again, VLT had Noble's number and this time an even more convincing performance put the final nail in Noble's coffin. An expected result considering VLT are the top team in the region but a very solid fight put up by Noble in the finals. While Velocity continue to reign supreme, teams are slowly but surely catching up to them, as was evident throughout the final series. 

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The final iteration of the TEC Valorant Challenger Series will present one last opportunity for teams looking to win the title and for VLT to defend their position one last time. Registrations for the tournament are underway and teams can find more information on the tournament here.


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