Map-Specific Valorant Queues Might Be Possible In The Future

Abhimannu Das
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  • Valorant dev team member Altombre discussed the possibility of map-specific queues.
  • He revealed that the team has discussed the feature but did not reveal if it is something the team is working on it.
  • An upcoming update will add in-game leaderboards and server transfer options for all players.

Valorant players have been asking for map-specific queues for a better gameplay experience. Currently, there is no straightforward way to experience Valorant’s maps. Dev team member Altombre went onto Twitter and revealed details on upcoming maps and the team’s stance on map-specific queues. 

The game has long stretches of content droughts where there are no new maps or agents added for players to experience. Riot’s most recent map, Icebox, was introduced, and there is no way to queue into it without making use of custom games.

Will Valorant Get Map Specific Queues?

Map-Specific Valorant Queues Might Be Possible In The Future
RiotZiegler of the Valorant dev team discussed the lack of maps and their plans going forward.
Image by Riot Games

While custom games do allow players to choose any map they want, there is no public matchmaking for custom games. Overwatch allows players to set up custom games, share codes and have random players fill up lobbies via the in-game system. There are no casual game modes available in Valorant either to offer specific map queues with custom rules. has creates a massive problem when new maps release where players get very little experience trying out strategies on new maps like Icebox.

On being asked if Valorant players will receive the ability to queue into specific maps, Valorant dev team member Altrombe responded that the feature is indeed being talked about. But he did not confirm if the feature is indeed coming to the game.

One of the problems with queues for specific maps is the playerbase being split. A sizeable portion of the Valorant playerbase has voiced their opinion that Icebox is not a fun map to play in. With custom queues available for maps, it would dilute the playerbase and make queues take longer than they already do.

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Other Changes Coming to Valorant

Map-Specific Valorant Queues Might Be Possible In The Future
We will be receiving more maps and faster updates according to the Valorant dev team.
Image by Riot Games

After the end of the Valorant First Strike event in December, we are set to receive an important patch that will add new features to the game. An in-game leaderboard is currently in the works where players can view their stats and rank in the playerbase. Currently, Riot Games publishes its leaderboards for each region on a monthly basis. Players will also be able to compare their statistics with their friends for bragging rights. Region transfers is also a feature that will allow players to transfer their region without losing any of their in-game progress and cosmetic features. Riot Games has confirmed that the feature is in the works in an update but we will not receive server transfer options until 2021.

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