Alter Ego Wins Valorant ESL Community Clash

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  • Alter Ego won at the ESL Community Clash against BOOM Esports.
  • The team failed to secure wins at the October and November finals but managed to have an impressive winstreak at the main event.
  • Alter Ego will take home $4,000 in prize money out of the $10,000 prize pool.

Alter Ego pulled off an emphatic win against BOOM Esports and took home the Valorant ESL Community Clash Title by winning all three matches in the finals. They will be taking home a chunk of the prize pool and the title of being the best team in SEA. ESL Community Clash started on November 24th and ended on November 27th. The tournament featured the best teams in SEA battling it out for a total prize pool of $10,000. Alter Ego will be receiving $4,000 for winning the tournament.

Valorant ESL Community Clash Overview 

Alter Ego Wins Valorant ESL Community Clash
Alter Ego's aggressive plays and high mobility made them almost unbeatable in the tournament.
Image by Riot Games

Eight Valorant teams played in double elimination brackets in a Best of 3 format. The top eight teams that made it to the main event were Todak, Alter Ego, Sharper Esport, NG Black, BOOM Esports, MiTH.Attitude, Team nxl, and Attack All Around. Alter Ego secured a win in the first bracket against MiTH.Attitude and directly sealed their spot in the upper bracket finals with an emphatic 2-0 win. They knocked Boom Esports with another 2-0 victory in the Upper Bracket Finals.

BOOM Esports faced Attack All Around in the lower bracket finals and made their way to the finals with a 2-1 victory. In Alter Ego’s rematch against BOOM Esports, the team of blaZek1ng, Asteriskk, adrnking, Eeyore and NcSlasher stumbled yet again against Alter Ego for the second time. Alter Ego comfortably beat their opponents 3-0 in the finals in a best of five format. Alter Ego’s wins in the tournament were decisive and they dropped only one match since the quarterfinals. TODAK and BOOM Esports won the October and November finals respectively but Alter Ego managed to pull through and win at the main event. On the VLR.GG Leaderboards, they are currently the 8th best team in the APAC region.

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Alter  Ego Overview

The Alter Ego roster currently has FrissNatsz, Tehbotol, frostmind, 3nable, and BerserX, all of who put on winning performances. With just one match dropped in the final wing of matches, the team performed much better against the likes of MiTH.Attitude, TODAK, and BOOM Esports. It was the team’s first A-tier tournament.

The ESL Community Clash event is just the beginning of Riot’s foray into esports. The Valorant First Strike finals for the APAC region is coming up next week and Riot will be going international with Valorant esports next year. Teams like Alter Ego will get the chance to compare at the year-long Valorant tournament next year. 

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