The Biggest Changes Valorant Needs According to C9 Tenz

Abhimannu Das
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  • C9 TenZ highlighted some important changes he wants in the game for a better gameplay experience.
  • The biggest concern pro players have is accuracy while sprinting or using zipwires.
  • TenZ wants more accuracy penalties and also damage dropoff changes on certain weapons like the Classic.

TenZ is one of the most influential figures in the Valorant community, and he wants Riot Games to change a few things in Valorant. He posted a series of tweets showcasing some necessary improvements that the game should adopt. One of the biggest problems that he has with the game is hipfire accuracy. It seems like while sprinting; the accuracy feels a bit “off” according to a lot of professional players. He used a Phantom vs Vandal clip where Phantom had pinpoint accuracy while hip firing. This is not the first time accuracy while running has been an issue with players, it was brought up all the way back in April by community members, but Riot developers didn’t promise any changes.

Hip-Fire Accuracy in Valorant

The first thing TenZ wants to be changed is hip-fire accuracy. TenZ claims that it is way too easy to land shots while running in Valorant. The C9 player claims that the game needs to feel more realistic and in its current state, hipfiring is too overpowered. This is particularly specific to rifles. Other archetypes except shotguns and rifles lose a lot of hipfire accuracy and are very inaccurate when sprinting. Shotguns are designed to be accurate from the hip, and they perform as intended.

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Damage Dropoff on Weapons

TenZ went on to discuss ranged weapons in the game, especially the Classic. He revealed that right-clicking and jumping lets you easily one-shot things at long ranges. He wants there to be more damage drop-off at medium to long ranges. Considering most rounds in Valorant start with pistols, offering such high ranged capabilities to a pistol is detrimental to the game according to TenZ.

Zipwire Accuracy

The Biggest Changes Valorant Needs According to C9 Tenz
TenZ wants zipline accuracy reduced in Valorant. Image by Riot Games

The final adjustment that TenZ wants the Valorant team to implement is accuracy penalties when on zipwires. He found out that when players make use of zipwires they have almost perfect accuracy which is unrealistic. Players get easily kills when taking the high ground via zipwires making it unfair. He posted multiple tweets showing examples and wants these changes implemented. It is unknown if Riot will implement the changes suggested by TenZ but the upcoming 1.13 is set to bring important balance changes to the game. C9 Relyks reciprocated TenZ’s thoughts and wants the same changes. He detailed the tweets in a new video and hopes Valorant updates how accuracy works in-game while moving. 

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