League of Legends Superstar Doublelift Retires

Abhimannu Das
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  • TSM's Doublelift announced his retirement on Twitter shocking fans all over the world.
  • The popular League of Legends player has been one of the most accomplished personalities the game has ever seen.
  • He won eight times in his last eleven appearances at LCS, cementing his place in League esports history.

TSM’s Doublelift announced his retirement from pro play after a successful run as a professional player. He posted an update on Twitter talking about his decision and how his next chapter in life will unfold. Doublelift gave us a glimpse into his past, and how he turned around his setbacks into one of the most accomplished careers we have seen in League of Legends history.

Doublelift’s Biggest Comeback Story

League of Legends Superstar Doublelift Retires
With eight LCS championships, Doublelift is among the greatest players from NA. Image by TSM

Doublelift revealed his experience at the Season 1 World Championship in Sweden which he qualified for as a 17-year for the first time. He had to work hard to convince his parents and competed in front of a crowd of just 30 people for a small prize pool. But the moment he stepped into the arena, he knew he wanted to “chase the dream of becoming a pro player and being the best.”

He walked about how becoming a professional League player was a chance at rebirth for him. He says he learnt to be confident, bold and popular and has been transparent with his fans for the past decade. At the start of his career, he was ridiculed for his playstyle by League of Legends community members online. He revealed that he practised for 14 hours a day and yet lost every important match he played in during his early years. But after he won his first LCS championship, he managed to win 8 out of the last 11 splits he participated in. He believes that his “Hard work and determination paid off” but wishes that he could have been able to say he won Worlds.

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Career Highlights

League of Legends Superstar Doublelift Retires
Doublelift is part of the 1000 Career-Kill Club. Image by TSM
  • Eight-Time LCS Champion
  • LCS 2018 Summer MVP
  • LCS 2019 Spring Finals MVP
  • Five-time LCS All-Pro 1st Team
  • 1000 Career-Kill Club

Doublelift’s career did not have the most illustrious start, but it didn’t stop him from becoming one of the most talked-about players in NA. he lost multiple times and almost got relegated right after the Summer Split in 2014. But he made a comeback and won his first LCS championship the following year and managed to win an astounding eight times.

TSM signed Doublelift in 2016 before the player moved to Team Liquid in 2018. He returned to TSM in the 2020 Summer Split and managed to win the LCS championship that season. He has attended Worlds five times, but he failed to secure the most prized trophy in the League of Legends esports scene. Despite no Worlds championships under his belt, his is still among the best players of all time in League of Legends.

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