Call of Duty Nuketown ’84: Best Perks and Weapons to Use

Abhimannu Das
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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's new Nuketown '84 update is now live.
  • The new map features a reimagining of the classic layout set in 1980s without losing its fast-paced charm.
  • Forward Intel continues to be the best perk to use in Nuketown with its great scouting utilities.

Nuketown from the original Black Ops games has made a comeback in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War with a wholly revamped aesthetic. The map is extremely popular among Call of Duty veterans, and you can expect players of all skill levels to fill up your lobbies. If you are trying your hands on the latest update, you should be looking for the best weapons and perks in your loadout. 

Call of Duty Nuketown ’84: Best Gear

Forward Intel continues to be among the best tactical gear options out there.
Image by Treyarch

Scavenger: If you find yourself having a field day and chewing through enemy defenses, you are probably going to run out of ammo very quickly. Scavenger lets you pick up ammo by simply running over dead bodies to keep your guns topped up. If you are an aggressive player, it is one of the best perks to go for.

Gearhead: If you are heavily reliant on your field upgrades, Gearhead is among the best Tier 2 perks to go for. It reduces the cooldown for all your Field Upgrades and also lets you store a second one, making it indispensable for players who love using proximity mines and field mics.

Forward Intel: The number one perk to have in Call of Duty’s latest iteration of Nuketown is undoubtedly Forward Intel. Your mini-map gets a radar boost, and you get information on enemy spawn locations. Nuketown’s spawns flip very often and knowing where enemies are lets you play more tactically. Nuketown is much smaller than most other maps, and if you head to the dead centre of the map, you will be able to see both spawns on your screen.

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Call of Duty Nuketown ’84: Best Weapons

The AUG is a trust burst weapon to take down enemies at range.
Image by Treyarch

AUG and M16: We grouped up the burst fire rifles into one category because both weapons share the ability to finish off opponents while peak-shooting. You also get the ability to control the map at long ranges and take out snipers camping in houses.

AK-74U: With a very low time-to-kill (TTK) and effectiveness in small-to-mid ranges, the AK-74U is one of the most reliable weapons to go for in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. You should have the advantage against most other primary weapon archetypes.  

Gallo SA12: Having a semi-auto shotgun by your side will help you deal with close-quarters combat Nuketown is famous for. You can make your way through buildings and takedown opponents pretty handily with the trusty Gallo. Consider using a laser to manage your hip-fire accuracy, and do not aim down sights as it hurts your movement. 

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