Paper Rex Suspends Entire Valorant Roster Over ‘Breach of Integrity’

Abhimannu Das
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  • Singapore-based esports organization suspended its Valorant team recently over alleged unprofessional activities.
  • The team quit the upcoming First Strike event which is scheduled in December.
  • Paper Rex is yet to fully investigate the allegations and will punish the offending players soon.

Singapore based esports organization suspended its Valorant roster due to alleged breaches in competitive fairness and integrity. The team has pulled out of the upcoming First Strike event for the MY/SG region. Paper Rex was established in January 2020 by CS: GO player Harley ‘dsn’ Orwall and CSGO2ASIA’s founder and chief editor Nikhil ‘nikH’ Hathiramani.

Paper Rex’s Official Statement

Paper Rex uploaded a statement yesterday on their Facebook page that they have reasons to believe multiple people on the Valorant roster at the organization were involved in activities that tarnish the integrity of an esports professional and goes against fair competition. The organization stated that it values integrity over everything else and will be suspending its entire Valorant squad immediately. The nature of the offense has not been revealed, and players will remain suspended until the internal investigations are complete. All individuals who are involved in the alleged activities “will face consequences,” claimed the statement.

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Paper Rex Valorant Roster Overview

Paper Rex Suspends Entire Valorant Roster Over ‘Breach of Integrity’
Paper Rex's current Valorant Roster consists of 3 permanent players and 3 on-trial players.
Image by Paper Rex

After being founded in January, the Singapore-based team joined the competitive Valorant scene in July. With the suspension of the Valorant team, it is currently unknown if the organization will remain in the Valorant scene. The organization has chosen to remain silent until investigations are complete.

With the suspension of the Valorant team, Paper Rex will be unable to compete in the upcoming Malaysia/Singapore wing of the Valorant First Strike event, which is scheduled for early-December. The statement from the team came just days after a new team was announced by Paper Rex. On 16th November, Benedict "benaf" Tan, Jorell "Retla" Teo and Donovan "FANE" Chia joined the team. Three other players joined as part of an official trial which includes Jackie "calel" Ee, Zhen Feng "Moosey" Yeow and Zhan Teng "shiba" Toh. The team successfully qualified for the First Strike event but will no longer be able to participate.

The Valorant First Strike Singapore/Malaysia wing was open to both amateur and professional teams and features a RM20,000 total prize pool. Over 200 players participated in the open qualifiers and group stages which took place till November 22. The grand finals of the tournament are scheduled for December 5 and December 6. With a squad size of six and not enough substitutes registered for the tournament, Paper Rex has no option but to sit out of the tournament.

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