Fortnite’s Upcoming Bhangra Boogie Cup Leaked


Fortnite’s Upcoming Bhangra Boogie Cup Leaked

Abhimannu Das
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  • Datamined information reveals that Fortnite will be hosting a Bhangra Boogie Cup early December.
  • The tournament will see the exclusive OnePlus Bhangra Boogie emote return for all players.
  • The tournament will offer players cosmetic rewards including a spray, emote, music pack and a cosmetic phone.

A new tournament dubbed the Bhangra Boogie Cup is making its way to Fortnite next season, according to datamined information. The current season was originally scheduled to end of November 30th before it was changed to December 3rd partway through. Following the entire season of Marvel-themed tournaments including the recent Venom Cup and Marvel Super Cup, the next big tournament in Fortnite is going to be the Bhangra Boogie Cup.

Fortnite Bhangra Boogie Cup Details

The upcoming Fortnite tournament will offer exclusive cosmetic rewards. Image by Epic Games

The tournament will be held in association with OnePlus in Season 5. We recently had the exclusive Bhangra Boogie emote unlock event that was temporarily available to OnePlus users only. The tournament will take place on December 6th with 3-hour windows for each region.

Players who want to participate need to have accounts are expected to follow the same rules as always, which include owning an account that is at least level 30 and registering via the in-game registration menu. Registration is not yet open until Epic Games officially announces the tournament.

Similar to other Fortnite tournaments, there may be multiple registration options, including solos and duos. Players who participate need to enable two-factor authentication to be eligible for playing. Players must login and be available during the assigned tournament window for their respective regions. The times for each region are showed in-game in local times for players.

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Tournament Format

Fortnite Bhangra Boogie Emote. Image by OnePlus

The tournament will follow the usual point-based system that relies on teams getting kills and placements to get the most points possible. All recent Fortnite tournaments that were open-to-all allowed the players to compete in up to 10 matches to score the most points.  Participating in the tournament will allow players to unlock four cosmetic items, including an emote, a music pack, an emote, and an OnePlus-themed cosmetic phone. 

The Bhangra Boogie emote, which was originally exclusive to OnePlus devices, is now available to all players who participate in the tournament. It is not known how many players will be awarded the emote. In the recent Marvel-themed tournaments, only the top 1000 teams per region got access to the emotes and the other participants were left out.

Epic Games is expected to announce the tournament right before the launch of Season 5. Fortnite recently saw its $1 Million prize pool Super Cup conclude with thousands of winners from each region taking home a cash prize. The game featured the tournament on its official Twitch and YouTube channels on November 21. 

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