Velocity Gaming Announces VLT Academy Program

Abhimannu Das
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  • Manoj “SENTINEL” Kashyap announced a new project designed to help skilled Valorant players to become a part of esports.
  • The program will enable two players to be a part of the Velocity Gaming bootcamp for three nights.
  • Selected players will receive coaching and a certification upon successful completion of the bootcamp.

Manoj “SENTINEL” Kashyap (VLT Sentinel), who is the owner of Velocity Gaming, announced a new project designed to help skilled Valorant players to become a part of esports. Dubbed the VLT Academy program, the project will offer coaching and guidelines from professionals at Velocity Gaming to community members and be part of a boot camp. Two players will be selected from the community via an online screening process.

VLT Sentinel posted a video detailing the process and what aspiring players can expect from the program. The idea behind the VLT Academy project is to help aspiring esports players in India “who are in the dark” because they do not know how esports organizations work and how player contracts work. 

The program will not only help community members ease into esports but also make players aware of how to deal with gaming organizations, how esports tournaments and work. Antidote from Velocity Gaming will be guiding players on how international organizations approach talent and what their attitude is like towards players.

How to Be A Part of VLT Academy 

Velocity Gaming Announces VLT Academy Program
The VLT Academy program will help players get direct guidance from existing Velocity professionals.
Image by Velocity Gaming

Here are all the requirements that you need to fulfill if you want to be selected for VLT Academy. A form will be available soon to start the registration process.

  • Must be 18+
  • Immortal 1 or higher rank in the past three seasons.
  • A medical certificate with a COVID-negative report issued 48 hrs before arrival.
  • Disclaimer form signed by guardians or parents of the player.
  • Players will be asked to stay at the boot camp for three nights.

All expenses including travel and accommodation for the VLT Academy program will be handled by Velocity Gaming.

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What is The VLT Academy Program Offering

Velocity Gaming Announces VLT Academy Program
Players completing the VLT academic program will receive a certificate from Velocity Gaming.
Image by Riot Games
  • Complete coaching and guidance to selected players.
  • A certificate from Velocity Gaming to help join an esports organization.
  • Coaching by players of Velocity Gaming to help improve in-game skills and game sense.
  • LAN experience to help compete in future events.

The registration form for applying will be available within a week. The selection process will involve an initial Google Form and will be followed up by gameplay analysis and an interview. More details on the selection process will be available at a later date.

Velocity Gaming Overview

Velocity Gaming is currently the best Valorant team in India as per rankings on They are currently #3 in the Asia-Pacific leaderboards and have prominent players like rite2ace who made it to the official Valorant Top 100 leaderboards for the APAC region.

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