xQc Gets Banned After Stream Sniping Dr Lupo and Shroud at GlitchCon


xQc Gets Banned After Stream Sniping Dr Lupo and Shroud at GlitchCon

Abhimannu Das
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  • xQc got banned from Twitch and Twitch Rivals following a recent Fall Guys tournament controversy.
  • He was caught stream sniping DrLupo and Shroud and he tried to prevent them from winning.
  • xQc has forfeited his winnings and will not be allowed to stream for a week on Twitch.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has been banned for the fourth time on Twitch following a recent controversy in a Fall Guys tournament at GlitchCon. xQc is now banned for seven days from Twitch and will no longer be a part of Twitch Rivals. Twitch has banned xQc thrice in the past two years for showing inappropriate content on stream. He has come under fire from the Twitch community recently due to his “toxic” behaviour when streaming Among Us. But he has never been caught cheating or anything unsportsmanlike until recently.

xQc was caught stream sniping to help his teammates at GlitchCon. He was playing with other big streamers like Shroud, DrLupo, and LolTyler1. After being eliminated from the tournament, he was upset about stream snipers trying to give DrLupo’s team an advantage. A stream sniper seemingly headed towards DrLupo but did not kill him. It is unknown if the clip xQc pointed out would change the outcome of the match. After being spurned by what was going on in the game, xQc decided to stream snipe Shroud and DrLupo.

xQc Gets Banned After Stream Sniping Dr Lupo and Shroud at GlitchCon
xQc will no longer be allowed to participate in the current Twitch Rivals event. 

Felix queued up in the same match as DrLupo and tried to prevent the other competitors in the tournament from qualifying. While a lot of people defended the streamer because he was trying to help his team win, other streamers were not happy about it. Shroud called out xQc and claimed that the unsportsmanlike behaviour could lead to a ban. And earlier today, it was announced that xQc has indeed been banned by Twitch and Twitch Rivals.

xQc Forfeits Tournament Winnings Following Ban

After the ban, xQc went to Twitter and apologized for his actions. He said that he was not cheating out of malic but was simply trying to entertain. He has forfeited his winnings and has asked the organizers to donate the money to charity, and he will match the amount in donations. He will no longer be a part of Twitch Rivals currently and will return to streaming next week after the ban is lifted from his account.

His actions have left the Twitch community divided, with many finding it unacceptable that he cheated in a casual and friendly game like Fall Guys. The recent actions have also led to players asking MediaTonic (the developer of the game) to implement private lobbies in the game to avoid stream sniping in the future.

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