Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Players Leave xQc Baffled


Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Players Leave xQc Baffled

Abhimannu Das
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  • Popular Twitch Streamer xQc recently had a rough conversation in a Call of Duty Cold War lobby.
  • One of his teammates started yelling racist slurs and said the streamer's content is bad.
  • xQc blocked the player but ended up having a verbal confrontation later in the match.

Félix "xQc" Lengyel is no stranger to raging or trash talking. His unique stream persona helped him grow as a content creator and become one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. He is currently among the top 20 streamers on twitch in terms of follower count and subscribers. But sometimes, things can get a little too toxic even for a persona like xQc. He recently became the most-watched streamer on Twitch following a Fall Guys tournament controversy.  

Recently, he joined a game of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, where two players immediately started insulting each other. xQc quickly tried to calm down the situation, but it only led to things getting worse in voice chat. He was able to calm down both players for a short but chat exploded right after. He pointed out it is 3 am on a Monday, and his teammates are doing nothing but talking shit to each other.

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xQc's Reaction to In-Game Toxicity

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Players Leave xQc Baffled
xQc during his professional stint at the Overwatch League.
Image by: Dallas Fuel | Blizzard

Before he could even finish what he had to say, he became the new target for insults from his teammates. One of the players in the lobby started to insult his content along with a slew of other racist insults. xQc is known to be very energetic on the mic to say the least, but even he was surprised by how aggressive the players in the lobby were.

[Warning: Graphic, Racist language]

It turns out that the player who was flaming the streamer did not realize he was flaming xQc. He asked Felix if the was actually xQc, he got immediately blocked. It is unlikely that the player didn’t know who he was flaming. Earlier in the conversation, his teammate specifically mentioned that he hates the streamer’s content, which makes his case less than believable.

xQc’s stream almost fooled him, claiming the streamer blocked the wrong person. He proceeded to unblock the player only to have yet another argument with him in-game for the rest of the match. After being stunned by the toxicity of the players initially, xQc started getting back at the player. Gamers who play Call of Duty regularly know that the franchise has always been troubled with toxic comms throughout the years and Cold War is no different.

xQc’s online persona can be polarising for people who bump into his streams. He was a Top 500 ranked Overwatch player who made it to the Overwatch League and is known for his high-level tank plays. But his online stream persona, which can come off as aggressive leads to a lot of discussion in the Twitch community. 

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