Dr. Disrespect Open To Switch To Streaming on Facebook

Dr. Disrespect Open To Switch To Streaming on Facebook

Vignesh Raghuram
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One of the biggest streaming stars out there, Dr. Disrespect has just revealed what it would take to make him instigate a switch to Facebook Gaming. The Doc stated that it would take an 8 figure sum to make him consider switching from YouTube.

Dr. Disrespect Considering A Switch From YouTube To Facebook

After being banned from Twitch, Dr. Disrespect has made his new home in the YouTube servers treating his ‘Champions Club’ by showcasing his skills in multiple games like Call of Duty: Cold War, Call of Duty: Warzone, Fall Guys and his popular 'Triple Threat' challenges.

Dr. Disrespect Open To Switch To Streaming on Facebook
Dr. Disrespect has maintained his status as one of the best streamers in the world despite his switch to YouTube

While he usually streams solo, on some occasions the popular streamer has teamed up with other stars like Tanmay "Sc0utOP" Singh and Zack “ZLaner” Lane.

It was in one such session with ZLaner (who is a Facebook Gaming streamer), Dr. Disrespect stated that he was willing to make a switch to Facebook Gaming if the right offer was on the table.

Out of the blue, the Doc asked ZLaner, “What do you think the number would be, Z, for Facebook to bring the two-time over?”

Clip starts at 07:15

After ZLaner suggested that he thought a seven-figure deal would be appropriate, Dr. Disrespect disagreed, going on to add:

“I’m thinking eight. That’s an easy eight, minimum. And how deep we go into the eights, that’s the big question.”

Dr. Disrespect would then go on to up the ante even more by stating that he thought that he was worth a $40 Million USD contract from Facebook.

“You think 40 is the number Z? 40 Million?”.

Whilst the sums quoted by the Doc might seem quite substantial, one must remember that Shroud and Ninja were paid $30 million and $10 million by Mixer before their untimely shutdown. 

Various reports also suggested that Facebook Gaming was willing to pay more than these figures to sign them to their platform, which makes Dr. Disrespect’s demands quite reasonable and appropriate.

Of course, this obviously does not confirm that the Doc is looking towards a move to Facebook Gaming. However, considering the fact that Dr. Disrespect has not signed an exclusive deal with YouTube, this move is within the realm of possibility.

Stranger things have happened in the world of professional streaming.

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