Everything You Need to Know About the DrDisrespect x Sc0utOP Stream

Shounak Sengupta
Published On: 21 Aug 2020, 11:33 AM

Indian content creators have really managed to go mainstream over the course of the last few months and now find themselves at par with the heroes they looked up to when they started out. With followings in the millions, names like MortaL, Sc0utOP and Dynamo have found themselves thrown into the midst of superstardom and their journey’s have just begun. Recent developments involving the Indian streaming industry include MortaL’s nomination in the Esports Awards 2020, Streamer of the Year category alongside names like Pokimane, Xqc, TimtheTatman, Summit1g, DrLupo and others. Another big piece of news was when DrDisrespect announced that he would be streaming with Sc0utOP and the stream is expected to go live later today. 

Who is DrDisrespect?

Guy Beahm more commonly known as DrDisrespect or the Doc is one of gaming’s most popular content creators who has built himself a very solid brand. His over-the-top aggressive personality has been immensely popular on Twitch and earlier just over a month ago, the streamer was banned from the platform for a reason that still hasn’t been made public. He recently switched to YouTube Gaming and his comeback stream saw over 500K viewers at its peak. The Doc is most well known for playing FPS titles such as PUBG, Call of Duty and Apex Legends among others. 

Who is Sc0utOP?

Tanmay 'Sc0utOP' Singh is an Indian professional PUBG Mobile player and content creator. He is signed to Fnatic as a content creator and influencer and was last seen playing for Orange Rock in the PUBG Mobile World League. However, he only joined the organization on loan from Fnatic and while it is likely he will continue with OR, there has been no official confirmation regarding the same. Scout has over 2.5 Million subscribers on YouTube and is one of the top gaming content creators from India. 

Doc x Scout Stream

DrDisrespect and Sc0utOP will be collaborating for a stream later today, ie August 21. The stream is set to go live at 9PM  10 30PM IST. Both streamers will stream on their respective YouTube channels, the links to which can be found here: 

The two have confirmed that they will be playing Call of Duty: Warzone. It is also possible that they play other titles such as Fall Guys. 

The collaboration is indeed a unique opportunity for both streamers as it allows them access to a demographic that normally does not tune in to watch them. Much of the Doc's viewership is a core PC gaming audience from the west while the majority of Scout's community are mobile gamers from South Asia. 

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