Indian Character, Rampart Set to be Released in Apex Legends

Shounak Sengupta
Published On: 08 Aug 2020, 11:51 AM

An Indian character known as Rampart is set to join the ever growing universe of Apex Legends, making her the twelfth playable character to be introduced into the game. Rampart will join the party at the beginning of Season 6 aka Boosted, which is set to go live on August 6. The new season will also see the release of Ranked Season 6 and a new feature known as Crafting. 

Apex’s India Connection

Characters in the game have come from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities and the game has received a lot of praise for its character design. One of the characters, who was part of the original release is also of Indian origin. Anita Williams aka Bangalore was one of the first characters in the game and received much love for her versatile skill set. Now Rampart is being introduced as well. She has very strong South Asian influences and sports a nose ring and as  well as a desi accent. Rampart is voiced Indian origin actor and singer, Anjali Bhimani. 

The character’s background talks of her honing her skills in underground fight clubs. A data mining exercise revealed some crucial details about the character. Her real name is Rami Parekh.  Her skills include weapons modding and judging by the trailer, Rampart has access to weapons that no one else does. She also owns a heavy weapon similar to a turret which she calls Sheila. Speculations about the character through various sources have also revealed that her active skill might include a shield that blocks enemy damage and boosts damage going the other way. If we look closely at the trailer, we can see a graffiti of Kuben Blisk, the Commissioner of the Apex Games. Thew words, 'Won't let ya down' are also present next to he graffiti.  

Indian Character, Rampart Set to be Released in Apex Legends

What Else is New in Season 6?

Season 6 also includes new features like Crafting. This will allow players to pick up parts across the map and build stronger weapons. The Boosted Battlepass and Ranked Season 6 are also part of the release. Additionally, a few balance changes to weapons, attachments and other Legends are all possible. 

More and more games have begun to rope in characters from varied backgrounds to help appeal to players from different regions. From VALORANT to Rainbow Six Siege, characters with various countries of origin and diverse back grounds and rich backstories have helped build a good rapport with the community. 

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