NODWIN Gaming Announces VALORANT Agni Series 2020

Aditya Singh Rawat
Published On: 05 Aug 2020, 04:22 PM
  • NODWIN VALORANT Agni Series 2020 has been announced featuring a total prize pool of INR 6,25,000.
  • The tournament is scheduled to take place over a course of 64 days starting on 21st August.
  • The registration for the first online qualifier is currently ongoing.

NODWIN Gaming following their VALORANT Invitational which featured prominent Indian gaming personalities like Ankit ‘V3NOM’ Panth, Shagufta ‘XYAA’ Iqbal, Rohan ‘HYDRAFLICK’ Ledwani, and more, have now announced their first-ever competitive VALORANT tournament called 'VALORANT Agni Series 2020'.

The tournament features a total prize pool of INR 6,25,000 which will be divided between the main competitive event and the influencer programme complimenting it. The registration for the ‘Agni Series’ started yesterday itself right after the culmination of the VALORANT Invitational and are currently ongoing.

VALORANT Agni Series 2020

The ‘Agni Series’ is India’s biggest VALORANT tournament yet which is open to public participation and is set to take place over a period of 64 days. The tournament will feature a total of 4 online qualifiers each having their own separate finals.

The winners of each of these online qualifiers will face off against each other on 23rd October to claim the lion’s share of the INR 4,25,000 prize pool reserved for the main competition. The remaining INR 2,00,000 will act as the total prize pool for the influencer programme which is a part of the ‘Agni Series’.

NODWIN Gaming Announces VALORANT Agni Series 2020

Qualifier Schedule

All the four qualifiers will be played as a 5v5 single-elimination event, all the matches will be a single game face off except for the finals which will be a best-of-three matchup. A total of 256 teams can participate in a single qualifier which will take place over the course of 4 days. The schedule for the four qualifiers are as follows,

Registration Dates
Qualifier Dates
4th - 17th August
21st - 24th August
21st - 31st August
4th - 7th September
4th - 14th September
18th - 21st September
18th - 28th September
2nd - 5th October

Currently, the registrations are going on for the first qualifier only with registrations for the other qualifiers to follow shortly afterwards. Players interested in registering for the tournament can do so by clicking here.

Prize Pool

The total prize pool of INR 6,25,000 has been divided between the main competition and the influencer programme as follows,

NODWIN Gaming Announces VALORANT Agni Series 2020

All the matches of the NODWIN VALORANT Agni Series 2020 will be broadcasted live on NODWIN Gaming’s YouTube Channel. More information about the tournament like which influencers will be participating in the competition, when the influencer event will take place, and other such details will be provided as the competition advances.

Akshat Rathee, Co-Founder and MD of NODWIN Gaming had a few words to offer,

“With this series, we’ve kept our promise to all Valorant fans who’ve been eagerly waiting for this FPS game to come in the Indian esports circuit. We guarantee that this is going to be an epic tournament with laser-focus on developing the local competitive grassroots ecosystem. This will create a solid foundation that will help build a conducive environment for FPS games in India.”

Disclaimer: NODWIN Gaming is a client of and a minority investor in AFK Gaming.

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