Possible Changes To VALORANT Rank System in Act 2

Shounak Sengupta
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The Ranked or Competitive mode was introduced in VALORANT in June and was the first iteration of the system that we saw. The developers have already teased some of the changes they are going to make to the system, both in terms of aesthetics and in terms of functionality and latest reports suggest that some of those changes could come as early as August 4. This will also be the same date as the launch of the new act. Valorant content releases are arranged into Episodes and Acts and we are currently in Episode 1, Act 1. 

Act 2 is rumored to see the release of a new agent known as Killjoy along with a new skin bundle known as the Oni skin bundle. However, another exciting feature that a lot of players have been eager for is a more comprehensive ranked system. A twitter account who goes by the handle, ValorLeaks and is known for data mining has uncovered that the new system will have 5 sub tiers in each tier. Ranks can go up or down within a tier depending upon the player’s performance. This means that the final rank, Radiant will also have 5 subtiers, allowing players to go all the way. Currently each rank has only three sub tiers and the final rank has just one. 

The design of the rank logo could also change with files corresponding to the five tiers having been discovered in the game files.  Adding more sub-tiers makes the grind more rewarding as their is a tangible increase in the rank in a shorter period, provided that you are having good games. Even on the upper end of the spectrum, the five tiers on Radiant, will make the top tier games more thrilling. With more to lose and even more to gain, the competition in the top 5% of the player base is likely to increase, should the new system be introduced. 

However, there is no official word from Riot Games and lot of the leaks are based on speculation and guesswork. It is possible that things are changed before the final release. Valorant has been one of the most popular games of 2020 and many have appreciated the gameplay and the ability to stay true to the genre. New content releases such as maps and agents are some of the most anticipated features and the launch of Act 2 is likely to be met with excitement from the community. 

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