VALORANT Patch 1.04 Buffs Viper, Tweaks 3 Other Heroes, Fine Tunes Weapon Behaviour, and More

Aditya Singh Rawat
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VALORANT has released a new patch 1.04 in which four particular agents have undergone a few changes, Viper has been buffed, Brimstone’s and Raze’s ultimate abilities has been tweaked, weapon’s behaviour has been fine-tuned, and the pre-round buy menu has undergone some UI changes.

A new update has been released just two weeks after the previous patch that was introduced on 7th July where the ‘Surrender’ option had received a dedicated button, ‘Guardian’ had undergone a few weapon adjustments, tweaks were made to the ‘Spike Rush’ game mode, a lot of miscellaneous changes were made, and a few bug fixes as well.

VALORANT Drops Patch 1.04

This time around the developers has focussed majorly on the various heroes and their abilities. Some of the important changes are as follows,

  • Viper’s ultimate ability ‘Viper’s Pit’ has been greatly buffed as the maximum time the hero can now spend outside of her ultimate has been increased by two fold, from 5 secs to 12 secs. Along with greatly increasing her mobility outside of her ultimate, the ability has become more troublesome for the opponents as enemy heroes that enter her toxic cloud will get their minimap obscured and will also not provide minimap detection to their allies.
VALORANT Patch 1.04 Buffs Viper, Tweaks 3 Other Heroes, Fine Tunes Weapon Behaviour, and More
  • Raze and Brimstone’s ultimates ‘Showstopper’ and ‘Orbital Strike’ respectively, have a higher cost for activation. The cost has been increased from 6 to 7 Ult points. Along with this Brimstone has received other changes like the hero will no longer be visible to enemies while using ‘Stim Beacon’ and his arms have been buffed for overall character aesthetics.

  • Cypher’s ability ‘Cypher Cage’ is now available to be purchased during the buy phase.

  • Important weapon updates include the increased running inaccuracy on the right-click due to a bug is now fixed. Another bug where jumping was not resulting in an inaccuracy penalty was also taken care off.

  • Weapon spread while running, jumping, and walking have been tweaked and 10% bonus accuracy is now awarded to players if they are both crouching and stationary.
VALORANT Patch 1.04 Buffs Viper, Tweaks 3 Other Heroes, Fine Tunes Weapon Behaviour, and More
  • UI changes include the previously used weapon stats textbox being replaced by an “easier-to-compare graphical representation of stats.”

  • Other miscellaneous changes include a change in Reyna’s voiceover for both Italian and Spanish, a lot of changes particular to the ‘Elderflame Skin’ collection, performance updates that include minor rendering performance fixes, and a whole list of bug fixes most of which were reported or pointed out by the community members.

The patch update which was particularly intended to balance out a few heroes especially buffing up Viper so she can do more unique stuff along with her ability has released within a difference of just two weeks since the last update.

Quick work from VALORANT has been noticed on all fronts be it in-game cosmetics, constant game updates, or laying the groundwork for its esports scene. The complete patch notes can be read by clicking here.

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