Riot Games on VALORANT and Wild Rift Plans for South Asian Region

Riot Games on VALORANT and Wild Rift Plans for South Asian Region

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In a recent panel discussion involving management from Paytm First Games and Riot Games South Asia, it was revealed that VALORANT servers for the region are going to be launched before December 2020. The panel was streamed online and involved Sudhanshu Gupta, Chief Operations Officer at PFG, Sukamal Pegu, Head of Publishing, Riot Games, India and South Asia and Anurag Khurana who is an industry veteran and currently a consultant with PFG. During the panel, PFG revealed plans to launch a Legends of Runeterra circuit for the region. 

VALORANT Servers to Launch In South Asia Before 2020 End

Pegu confirmed that VALORANT servers will be launching in the region before December 2020. While this information has been revealed before, given the current situation it's great to get a confirmation that things are on track. He also mentioned that the response from the Indian community has been great and the title is poised for success in the region. According to the panelists, the aim is to create a platform to make the best players from the region compete on the global scale. This means having an ecosystem from the grass root level to the national level and the international level. With this is mind, plans to incorporate partners and tournament organizers into the ecosystem was also discussed along with ideas to work with content creators. 

Wild Rift Will be a Major Focus for the South Asian Region

While League of Legends isn't a very popular title in the region, Pegu revealed that Riot's plans for the region would have a major focus on Wild Rift. He said that Riot's vision for on the South Asia experience for the League IP revolves heavily around Wild Rift. While too much wasn't much revealed about the dates and launch of the game, he did mention that Riot wants to make sure that everything is in place so that the users can get the correct experience when it comes to playing the game for the first time. 

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