Professional WWE Wrestler and Former UFC Champion, Ronda Rousey to Stream Games Exclusively on Facebook

Shounak Sengupta
Published On: 

Cover and thumbnail via @WWE

Former UFC Bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey has announced that she will be streaming games exclusively on Facebook. The 33-year old is currently signed to WWE as an entertainer and wrestler. Ronda is also a playable character in multiple UFC and WWE titles. She is a pop culture icon having featured in various TV shows, movies, games and has over 12 Million followers on Instagram.

She announced that she will be streaming exclusively on Facebook claiming “Game streaming is one of the rawest and most authentic mediums, and the time is right for me to jump into the stream exclusively on Facebook.”

Her first stream will be on the 18th of February at 3 pm PST, where she will be streaming Pokemon Sword and Shield. 

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