OG Dota 2 Captain N0tail donates €3000 to OG CS:GO Player NBK’s Charity Stream

Vignesh Raghuram
Published On: 

While most CS:GO players are resting and preparing for the new season, OG CS:GO player NBK is hosting several charity streams to support the fight against the bushfires in Australia.

The Frenchman has set several donation goals, in which he has listed tons of goals and rewards for achieving them. They range from playing CS without his glasses to dyeing his hair. All the money earned on the stripes will go to the Australia Zoo Wildfire Warriors who help people suffering from the bushfires.

One of the first tasks for NBK was to perform 'Shoey', an Australian tradition where you have to drink beer from your own shoe. NBK performed the task live on stream, although he swallowed up dust and hair.

Following this N0tail showed up and dropped €3000 crossing several donation tasks off the list which caused NBK to ponder on whether he should cry or laugh.

Thanks to this donation, NBK had to shave his beard live on stream.

It looks like there is still more to come, with two days of streaming left for NBK.

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