WoW Season of Discovery: Where to Find Defensive Magics 101 Mage Book and Other Skill Books?


WoW Season of Discovery: Where to Find Defensive Magics 101 Mage Book and Other Skill Books?

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Defensive Magics 101 Mage Book can be found inside a Tower in the Altreac Mountains.
Apart from this item, SoD also adds over 13 Skill Books catering to every class in the game.

World of Warcraft’s Season of Discovery (SoD) just entered its second phase and has introduced Defensive Magic 101 as one of eight new mage books. They can be found spread across the world in phase two leveling zones such as Dustwallow Marsh, Stranglethorn Vale, and more. 

Upon acquiring all of these books, a mage player must return them to their respective factions in Orgrimmar or Stormwind in exchange for an elusive reward.  Here’s where you can find the first of these books, the Defense Magics 101 in SoD.

Where Is the First Mage Book Located in WoW Season of Discovery?

The Defensive Magics 101 Mage Book can be found in the Alterac Mountains inside a Tower. It is one of the first buildings you will notice as soon as you enter the region from Hillsbrad Foothills. Follow the main road as it goes past the Tarren Mill and you will find this book inside the first Spire you see at coordinates 48, 58.

coordinates 48, 58.

Keep in mind that you will have to take out the Crushridge Brutes and Ogres that inhabit the area to follow the path toward the tower. Thankfully, the structure only has one floor with an Ogre inside to defend it and soon after killing it, you will find a book on top of a crate, only named “Manual”. Here’s the description of this Unique book:

An introductory guide to defensive magic and barriers. A fine addition to any library’s collection.”

Upon returning this level 35 item, you will be rewarded a Comprehension Charm for your efforts. Apart from Mage Books, Phase 2 of SoD also introduces Skill Books which are dropped by killing bosses. Farming dungeons in the Scarlet Monastery would be the best way to farm them. 

There are a total of 13 different skill books such as:

  • Deeper Wilds (Druid)

  • Enhanced Restoration (Druid)

  • Revive (Druid)

  • Portal of Summoning (Warlock) 

  • Soul Harvesting (Warlock)

  • Increased Fortitude (Priest)

  • Shadowfiend (Priest)

  • Aspect of Viper (Hunter)

  • Redirect (Rogue)

  • Totemic Projection (Shaman)

  • Enhanced Blessings (Paladin)

  • Expanded Intellect (Mage)

  • Commanding Shout (Warrior) 

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