Why Did Escape From Tarkov Roll Back Its Latest Patch?

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Why Did Escape From Tarkov Roll Back Its Latest Patch?


Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov recently released it's latest patch notes update, 14.1.0., which did not sit right with the player base due to technical issues.
So, Battlestate has decided to scrap the newly launched patch notes update and bring the game back to what it was before it.
This article dives deeper into what the problems associated with this issue were.

Escape From Tarkov had recently rolled out a new patch update, which had to be taken down due to some surrounding controversy. The update became too overwhelming for players since it was always saddled with one or two errors during its run.

Players couldn't take this anymore and after severe backlash, Battlestate, the creative force behind Escape From Tarkov, took down patch 14.1.0.

We'll take a closer look at this problem in this article, understanding the root cause and what lead to Battlestate scraping this update.

Escape From Tarkov Patch Notes Update and Issues That Followed

Before any unfortunate happenings, the update was rolled around in Escape From Tarkov on 12th February 2024. However, following that, players started facing several issues in the game.

The update was followed by several bugs and problems that started affecting the performance of the players. The additional content did not suit the players well and so the complaints began. They didn't like the changes to how guns kick, and they weren't too happy about the introduction of buying stuff in-game either.

The update caused performance issues too, making the game less fun to play.

Players Not Happy With the New Content

As soon as players of Escape From Tarkov took to X (formerly Twitter) to complain about the issues they were facing, Battlestate took a crucial step. It decided to roll back the update to relieve players of this trouble.

It looked like the new content that has been added to the update was not yet ready for a launch. It was inflicted with a lot of bugs, causing issues. In particular, players did not like the game losing its snowy look. Neither did they appreciate the performance issues that kept on piling.

Battlestate's Response and Removal of the Patch Update

In a swift response to this backlash and to provide an instant solution, Escape From Tarkov announced that it would rollback the update. This approximately took two hours or more and so, the servers went down for some time in 13th February 2024.

Escape From Tarkov has promised that the update will be released after diverse considerations. They will also have to keep in mind the severe feedback that the players have given them this time.

And now, the game is back to its form with patch 14.1.0. The publisher will take considerate amount of time to correct its mistakes before re-releasing this update.

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