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Who Is Maali in Apex Legends: Abilities, Release Date and Lore

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Maali might be Apex Legends Season 12's new legend as multiple leaks surface detailing the the new character.
Code in Apex Legends' current game files suggests that Maali will have a damage boosting passive which will be a mix of Bangalore's Double Time and Rampart's Amped Cover.
The expected release date for the upcoming legend is 4th February 2022, when Apex Legends Season 12 drops.

Apex Legends Season 11 has settled in with Ash and the new map Storm Point. But fans are already looking forward to what Season 12 has in store and recent leaks suggest that the game’s next legend could be ‘Maali’. Code pertaining to the upcoming legend was discovered and the legend’s passive ability may be similar to Bangalore’s Double Time. Apex Legends Season 12 will commence on 4th February 2022 and that is when Maali might be added to the game. Here is everything we know about the leaked legend.

Maali might be Bangalore’s sibling in Apex Legends

In Season 10’s comic, it was teased that Bangalore was shocked to see someone she knew. We know from the official lore that Bangalore’s sibling is the only living member of her family in the outlands, and Bangalore has been looking her sibling since the start of Season 1. Considering the passive referenced in the game’s code works similarly to Bangalore, it could be that Maali is related to Bangalore.

There is a line of code that says “maali_damage_boost”, which could be a part of the upcoming legend’s kit, something that grants a damage boost. The code suggests that it works similarly to Bangalore’s Double Time and activates when taking fire. Bangalore gets a massive speed boost when under fire, allowing her to back away or engage even harder. Maali on the other hand is supposed to get a damage boost similar to Rampart, which could be very effective in engagements.

Season 11’s comic panels are going through a weekly reveal and we should find out who Bangalore runs into in the coming weeks. Respawn typically starts teasing legends after the first ranked split. The current ranked split is expected to end around 27th December 2021 and we should start getting new quests and teasers once Split 2 begins.

When is Maali coming out in Apex Legends?

Respawn does not release legends mid-season and the earliest we can expect Maali would be on 4th February 2021, which coincides with the launch of Apex Legends Season 12.

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