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When Will Split Return to Valorant?

Abhimannu Das
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Split was removed from Valorant’s unrated and competitive queues on 22nd June to maintain a seven-map pool.
There is no official word on when Split will return to Valorant’s standard game modes but Riot Games has promised that it will return in the future with some tweaks.
Pearl has replaced Split as the seventh map in the rotation and it will go live in competitive queues on 12th July.

Split has been removed from Valorant by Riot Games and fans are wondering when it will come back. Riot removed the map from the current pool to ensure there are only seven maps in rotation at all times and there are two map bans available to pro teams in competitive best-of-five matchups.

If new maps come to the game, one of the existing maps will rotate out from unrated and competitive, which might come as a shock to some fans. It is possible that your favorite map may soon be unplayable in Valorant’s standard game modes. If you're wondering when Split will return to Valorant, even Riot games is undecided on the matter.

When is Split returning to Valorant?

Split was removed from the game’s competitive and unrated queues on 22nd June and Pearl is set to enter the competitive queue on 12th July. We have only six maps in the competitive queue right now and it will increase to seven once Pearl is available in the mode next week.

If you want to see competitive matches take place on Split, there is still some time left. The Last Chance Qualifiers in all Valorant Champions Tour regions will have Split as one of the available maps. After August 2022, the map will no longer be used for esports matches but it may return in the future. If you want to play on Split, it will continue to be available on Spike Rush, custom games, and other game modes.

Split will not be a part of the competitive or unrated queues for the foreseeable future and Riot Games has promised that it will return sometime in the future. In the official blog post where Riot revealed the map changes, Level Designer Joe Lansford said, “We’re pretty sure it will be back sometime in the future though. Maybe even with some tweaks?”

The map changes are great for competitive esports but if you are someone who enjoys specific maps, be prepared for some heartbreak every time a new map is introduced to the game. Riot will continue to maintain a total of seven maps and one of your favorite maps will eventually no longer be a part of Valorant’s unrated and competitive game modes.

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