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Abhimannu Das
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The Sniffer has finally been added as part of the latest Minecraft Preview update.
Almost all 1.20 features are now part of the preview except a couple of notable ones like the cherry blossom biome and armor trims.
Pottery Shards and Decorated Pots are also available as part of the new update and crafting a brush is recommended.

Minecraft’s newest preview ( is now available and we have a lot to unpack in this new update. We are nearing the release of 1.20 and most of the features that Mojang had promised to the playerbase are already available. The few content updates that are missing include the cherry blossom biome and armor trims to the Bedrock Edition Beta and Preview which should be available soon. Here is everything you need to know about the Minecraft Preview update.

All Experimental Features in Minecraft Preview


  • The Brush is a craftable item you can use to brush things

Pottery Shards and Decorated Pots

  • Pottery Shards have pictures on them. They cannot be crafted and must be found in the world. By crafting four of these together you can create a Decorated Pot with a picture on each side.

  • You can also use Brick items instead of Pottery Shards in the crafting recipe. The sides that were made from Brick items will not have pictures.

  • Smash a Decorated Pot with any block-breaking tool to break it apart and get the Pottery Shards back or hit it with your fist to pick up the pot without breaking it.

Suspicious Sand

  • Desert Temples and Desert Wells now contain Suspicious Sand. This fragile block is hard to spot and easy to destroy, so be careful!

  • If you manage to find the Suspicious Sand and brush it with your Brush, you will extract objects that were buried long ago.


  • Sniffer is now available as an experimental feature

    • The Sniffer is the mob vote winner of Minecraft Live 2022 and the first "ancient" mob added to the game

    • Sniffers cannot be tempted or tamed

    • Sniffers are passive friendly mobs

    • Sniffer sniffs in the air and occasionally dig for seeds

  • Torchflower is now available as an experimental feature

    • The Torchflower seed can be planted on farmland and grows into a flower

    • The seed can be used to breed two Sniffers

    • The full-grown flower can be harvested and replanted but can also be crafted into a dye

The update also features bug fixes and technical changes which you can check out in the official patch notes. If you want to check out all of the new content yourself, feel free to see our guide to installing preview updates here.

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