What Is Venture Overwatch 2 Nationality? Which Country Is Venture From?


What Is Venture Overwatch 2 Nationality? Which Country Is Venture From?

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Venture is the newly added damage hero to the ever growing roster of Overwatch 2.
Venture is the first non-binary and dual nationality hero in Overwatch 2, bringing more diversity to the game.
Here is everything that we know about Venture, their dual nationality, and which country do they belong to.

Overwatch 2 Season 10 has witnessed the addition of a new damage hero Venture. This hero is an archaeologist by profession and works with the Wayfinder Society. The set of abilities provides Venture underground stealth and advantage in close-range combat.

Venture has always had a penchant for finding the lost and cracking unsolvable mysteries, but when a looming threat started to shadow the Wayfinder Society's headquarters, Venture decided to head to the frontline.

The most interesting thing is that Venture is the first non-binary, dual nationality character in Overwatch 2.

Venture Overwatch 2 Country and Nationality

Venture, born as Sloan Cameron is a dual nationality character in Overwatch 2. They are the first Mexican-Canadian hero in the game, currently residing in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.

  • Hero Name - Venture

  • Real Name - Sloan Cameron

  • Date of Birth - 6th August, 1998

  • Age - 26 Years

  • Nationality - Mexican-Canadian

Venture in Canada

While Venture carries a rich cultural heritage from both Mexico and Canada, their Canadian side is the one fully explored in the game. Their Mexican heritage takes precedence in the lore, but their current reisdence and life revolve around Canada.

Venture's backstory is quite cool, with them being an explorer since the early days of their childhood. Their preference is exploring new places rather than staying at one. They believe each place has something new to offer, from unearthed treasures to trinkets and stories of the past.

Venture's Abilities

In Canada, Venture found their way to the Wayfinder Society. First, they joined them for an apprenticeship, but later became an exclusive member with their curiosity and hard work.

When the Wayfinder Society found itself under threat from thieves, Venture also joined the frontlines in securing the headquarters. But their biggest challenge till now is unveiling Talon's Mystery. It is a shady organization that has put the society's headquarters under attack.

Venture has great stealth ability that allow them to move in and out of the battle while being an effective damage-dealer at close range.

  • Smart Excavator - Launch a seismic charge that bursts after a short distance.

  • Drill Dash - Dash forward, pushing enemies back. Can be used underground with reduced cooldown.

  • Burrow - Move underground and become invulnerable. Press or hold LSHIFT to emerge and damage enemies.

  • Tectonic Shock - Send out damaging shockwaves.

This is all the background information on Venture's nationality that we have at this point in time. Players interested in playing Overwatch 2 will be able to explore more lore as well as background to Venture as they hear their voice lines and engage with other characters.

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