What Is Venture Overwatch 2 Gender?


What Is Venture Overwatch 2 Gender?

Aditi Joshi
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Blizzard Entertainment has brought in its very first trans and non-binary character in Overwatch 2.
The developers of Venture's character worked closely with a fashion company specializing in queer fashion to bring authenticity to their character.
Venture is also the first dual nationality character in the game and currently resides in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Blizzard Entertainment has brought in a new season to one of its star titles, Overwatch 2 and it is packed with a lot of features. The Overwatch 2 Season 10 has a lot of new elements including a brand-new damage hero named Venture.

Venture is the first Overwatch 2 character with dual nationality, hailing from both Mexico and Canada, currently residing in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.

An archaeologist by profession and an adventurer by heart, this character is a dynamic package of powerful abilities and an eccentric personality. Venture is also the first trans, non-binary character in the game.

Venture Overwatch 2 Gender

Sloan Cameron who goes by the alias Venture, is a 26-year-old archaeologist working for the Wayfinder Society. Blizzard Entertainment's attempt to break away from the norms has brought in Venture as the first trans and non-binary hero in Overwatch 2. They use they/them pronouns and currently reside in Nova Scotia, Canada.

  • Hero Name - Venture

  • Real Name - Sloan Cameron

  • Date of Birth - 6th August 1998

  • Age - 26 Years

  • Nationality - Mexican-Canadian

  • Gender: Trans, non-binary

  • Pronouns: They / Them

Blizzard on Venture Overwatch 2 Sexuality

The creative force behind Overwatch 2, Blizzard Entertainment, opened up in a blog, talking about the process behind creating Venture. Talking about arriving at Venture's distinct sexuality, it said, "To fit the archetype of an adventurous archaeologist, we wanted someone who was daring, passionate, and unabashedly themselves."

Blizzard Entertainment on Venture's Sexuality

Venture has an overflowing passion for the world and the secrets that it holds. Blizzard believes that this is reflected in everything Venture does, from their animation, voice lines, and gameplay, to their sexuality and even their fashion sense.

The developers worked closely with a fashion company specializing in queer fashion to make Venture's character appear as authentic as possible, which is well reflected in Overwatch 2.

Venture's Abilities

Living in Canada, Venture discovered the Wayfinder Society. They started as an apprentice but their curiosity and dedication led them to become a full-fledged member. When thieves threatened the Society, Venture joined the frontlines to protect the headquarters.

The current challenge in the game is uncovering the mystery of Talon, a shady organization attacking the Society. Venture has excellent stealth skills, excelling at close-range combat, and swiftly maneuvering on the battlefield.

  • Smart Excavator - Launch a seismic charge that bursts after a short distance.

  • Drill Dash - Dash forward, pushing enemies back. Can be used underground with reduced cooldown.

  • Burrow - Move underground and become invulnerable. Press or hold LSHIFT to emerge and damage enemies.

  • Tectonic Shock - Send out damaging shockwaves.

This is all the background information on Venture's sexuality. Blizzard' commitment to creating an authentic character is reflected in Venture's appearance and gameplay. They are trans and non-binary, and use they/them pronouns.

Residing in Canada, they have become an important part of the Wayfinder Society, defending it from thieves who try to steal its artifacts.

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