What Is Valorant Deceive?


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What Is Valorant Deceive?

Aditi Joshi
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Valorant Deceive is an application that can help players appear offline to their friend list.
This is helpful for players who want to solo queue without being bombarded by their friends to join their parties.
Here is how to use Valorant Deceive to your advantage.

Valorant is one of the most popular first-person shooters out there. Given its popularity, the game is undoubtedly a hub for budding friendships. After a tiresome day, who doesn't want to hop in for a quick game with friends. And there may be times when you just want quiet, solo gameplay without your friends. But if your friends are online at the same time, they may spot you in their friend list and start bombarding you with invites.

Is there a solution to this?

Well, yes, there is. There is a way you can appear offline to other people in Valorant and still enjoy the game as and when you please. Third party apps like Valorant Deceive can help you appear offline while you are still very much in the game, having a great time.

How to Appear Offline in Valorant?

While Valorant does not have any official means to help players appear offline, they can still use third party apps to do so.

Each player in the game is assigned three distinct statuses: Available, Away, and Offline. The 'Available' status signifies that the player is actively online and playing the game, and open to party invites or requests. The 'Away' status shows that the player has the game running but is currently away or AFK (Away From Keyboard). Lastly, the 'Offline' status is indicative of the fact that the player is currently offline and has not launched the game.

To appear offline in Valorant, players can use third-party applications like Valorant Deceive. It is one of the most popular 'appearing offline' applications out there. Follow the given steps after downloading Deceive to kickstart your solo-queue gameplay:

  1. Go to 'GitHub/mole zwiebel/Deceive/releases' and download Deceive.

  2. Find the Assets section on the page and click on Deceive.exe to start the download.

  3. After downloading, pin Deceive to the 'Start' bar.

  4. Click on the Deceive application in the Start bar. It will run in the background, but make sure Valorant is closed.

  5. Open Valorant, and you should now be shown as offline. Confirm this by checking your friends list for 'Deceive Active.'

Who Can Use Deceive?

Deceive is an application for those who want to solo-queue competitive matches or play their games alone, peacefully. But, doing so can be difficult if your friend list is online. They may want to play the match with you, leaving you torn between playing with friends or playing alone.

With Deceive you can deceive your friend list by downloading the application and appearing offline. You are simply unfiltered from the global player base for the time you use it. While you can still invite friend to your party and play with them, they cannot do the same.

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