What Is the TAS Mechanic in Rocket League?

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What Is the TAS Mechanic in Rocket League?


Tool Assisted Superplays (TAS) is a plugin that allows you to perform near-impossible car movements and gives you significantly improved control over the ball.
TAS is mainly used to perform flawless and calculated speed runs and freestyle clips.

The Tool Assisted Superplays (TAS) mechanic in Rocket League uses a plugin to allow its users to use the game's mechanics to their fullest potential and perform trick shots with incredible precision. This is used to perform tool-assisted, visually appealing freestyle moves which will earn you bragging rights among your friends. 

Numerous players have been using TAS to mess around numerous obstacle courses or attempt world-record speed runs in order to replicate it. If you are curious about how this plugin works in the game, you’ve stumbled upon the right article. Let’s delve into it.

How Does TAS Work in Rocket League?

As the name suggests, TAS is a plugin that allows you to perform precise movements, giving you better control over your car and the ball. It is commonly used to create freestyle clips that will showcase the best of Rocket League’s physics engine and also help you improve your dribbling skins both on the ground and up in the air.

Additionally, numerous players also use TAS to participate in speed runs and while doing so, the abbreviation changes to Tool Assisted Speedruns. Although TAS isn’t exclusive to Rocket League, it certainly aids in pushing the game’s mechanics to its limits. While it was originally created with the intention of speed-running through various obstacle courses, it can also be used in freestyling, as we already know.

Although this cannot be used in competitive play and forcefully using it would result in a ban on your account, you can still use it in practice sessions or for specifically categorized TAS speed runs. You can engage in speed runs with near-perfection and also perform tricks such as speed flips, giving you the opportunity to increase your skill cap.

Does TAS Exist in Other Vehicle-Based Games?

One of the first car games to feature TAS is Track Mania, allowing players to script flawless speedruns which brought in a wave of new speed run records performed using the tool. This also brought out the possibility for players to test theories, optimize approaches to tracks, and ultimately act as a new mechanic to gain more speed.

TAS was also seen in Mario Kart but it is nowhere near as complicated as it is on Rocket League. While the tool in Mario Kart only had to deal with the car’s inputs, Rocket League’s TAS had to account for the dynamic movements of both the car and the ball. It has to make calculations based on unpredicted movement while Mario Kart’s tool only had to deal with one dynamic element, while the track remained mostly static.

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