What is the Fortnite Titan Hand Event?



What Is the Fortnite Titan Hand Event?

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Fortnite's new season in Chapter 5 is coming with a bang, bringing a new event. This is the Titan Hand event.
Inspired by Greek mythology, this event features the titan Atlas, who is depicted as carrying the earth on his shoulders.
The event was supposed to take place on 29th February 2024, it got delayed and has been postponed indefinitely.

Fortnite is well-known for its extravagance and vibrancy when it comes to collaborations and events. The currently running Chapter 5 in Fortnite is now ready to unveil its new season. And the event welcoming the new season is the Fortnite Titan Hand Event.

The upcoming event foreshadows what is to come in the new season. The Greek mythology-themed Chapter 5-Season 2 will unfold with a Greek mythology-themed event called Titan Hand. While the event was supposed to begin on 29th February 2024, it has been postponed indefinitely.

So, while the Fortnite island trembles with anticipation as earthquakes ripple across the map, the date remains uncertain. In this article, we'll dive deeper into what this event is and the speculations surrounding the dates for the event.

What is the Fortnite Titan Hand Event?

Titan Hand event is an in-game event in Fortnite Chapter 5 inaugurating the second season. Here, a massive hand emerges from the ground, holding Pandora's Box. The event is extensively inspired by Greek mythology, referencing the Titan Atlas. He is known for carrying the earth on his shoulders.

The Titan Hand event began with earthquakes and cracks appearing on the Fortnite island, teasing the upcoming season. Players must unite to confront the Titan Hand, as the witness the emerging hand carrying Pandora's Box.

This has led to various in-game disruptions, such as ghostly apparitions, storms, and earthquakes.

Delay in the Fortnite Titan Hand Event

While anticipation around the Titan Hand event was building up to the confirmed date of 29th February 2024, it has been indefinitely postponed. The earthquakes continue to cause disruptions in the land near the Ruined Reels point of interest, the Titan Hand has not yet appeared.

Players are trying to guess when the Titan Hand will appear by looking at leaks and rumors. Many thought that one of the big tremors taking place on 2nd March 2024 might reveal the Titan's Hand. However, nothing has happened yet.

When is the Fortnite Titan Hand Event Now?

Once the hand appears, players need to shoot down the chains on it and as you do so, a health bar will appear. Keep on shooting until the bar is empty, and then Pandora's box will drop.

However, the hand has not appeared yet, and we are not sure when it will appear. Reliable leakers have not been able to pin point the exact date or time when the hand will appear.

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