What is the Breacher Drone in Call of Duty: MW3?


What is the Breacher Drone in Call of Duty: MW3?

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The breacher drone in MW3 is a lethal weapon that can blow enemies upon coming in contact.
This weapon falls under the lethal class and can be unlocked after players reach level 25 in the game. After that, they'll have to complete three armory challenges.
In this article, we'll take a look at what the breacher drone in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is.

Modern Warfare 3 is incomplete without its diverse range of equipment. It helps you turn the odds in your favor in a battlefield. One such piece of equipment is the breacher drone in Call of Duty: MW3. It is a powerful weapon that falls under the lethal weapon class.

Players can use this weapon in both multiplayer and zombie modes. In this article, we'll share all the information you need to know about the breacher drone in Call of Duty: MW3.

What is the Breacher Drone?

The breacher drone is a lethal tool in Call of Duty: MW3. When deployed, it tracks nearby enemies and explodes, eliminating them instantly. If it is unable to locate any targets, it flies straight ahead and explodes upon coming into contact with anything.

When you use the breacher drone, it starts flying after you release it and goes in the direction you pointed at. If it gets near an enemy or hits something, it blows up instantly and hurts anyone nearby.

It has a wide blast range, with which it can hit anything nearby, even enemies who are hiding behind cover. The breacher drone has a highly rapid speed, making it difficult for enemies to escape or outrun the drone.

How to Use the Breacher Drone?

Using the breacher drone is similar to using any other weapon from the lethal class. All you have to do is aim and throw it. It will move automatically, following your enemy. But players should keep in mind that they cannot control the direction in which the drone goes after throwing it. They will have to aim their weapon precisely before launching it.

Before you start a match, players must make sure that they put the Breacher Drone in the right slot in their loadout.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Engineer Vest and CCT Comms Vest might restrict you from using the breacher drone. When you have these vests on, you cannot use the drone. But if you also don the Demolition vest, then you are allowed to carry up to two lethal weapons. This means you can also carry two breacher drones at once.

How to Unlock the Breacher Drone in MW3?

To get the Breacher Drone in Call of Duty: MW3, players need to reach level 25 and then finish 3 Armory Unlock Challenges. After that, it'll show up in your armory, and you can add it to any loadout you want.

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