Average Queue Time in Overwatch 2


What Is the Average Queue Time in Overwatch 2?

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The average queue times are going down as Blizzard Entertainment has finally addressed Overwatch 2's server issues.
If you see "0 Players in Queue" leave the game open and it will eventually put you in.
If you get a Server Connection Failed error, you can keep trying or check Blizzard's server status online.

Overwatch 2 suffered a bumpy launch on 4th October and since then Blizzard Entertainment has been working on fixing the server issues that are plaguing players. While some players have been able to get into the game instantly, others have reported having to wait around 10 to 20 minutes before being able to get into the game. There was a server fix that was deployed earlier today which has solved the queue time problems but you may still run into queues if you play on a congested server.

Average queue time in Overwatch 2

The servers have started stabilizing in Overwatch 2 and players should be able to get into the game almost immediately. However, the time of the day and server congestion are still problems and you may be greeted with a queue.

The issue with the queue you see on the first screen in Overwatch 2 is that it is not reliable. Blizzard Entertainment had revealed that there are essentially two queues. One is for the Battle.net services and one is for Overwatch 2 itself. The publisher confirmed that it would show a more accurate queue number but despite a fix, players are greeted with a “0 players ahead of you” and are still unable to get into the game.

If you are facing the issue, simply stay in the queue and you will eventually get into the game. The fix has worked for most players. How long you will need to wait depends on the server you normally connected to in-game. With server select being removed, the game automatically connects you to the nearest Overwatch 2 server.

The queues can take anywhere between 10 to 40 minutes, and if the server is congested it may take even longer. Just leave the game running in the background and you will eventually get in unless the game logs you out due to errors.

Queue times have significantly improved after Blizzard took down the servers for maintenance on 6th October and we can expect the game to stabilize in the near future as the developers continue to work on other fixes.

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