What is Tactical Insertion in MW3?


What is Tactical Insertion in MW3?

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Tactical Insertion is a field upgrade in Modern Warfare 3 that can be unlocked after reaching level 45 in the game.
This is a super helpful tool that allows players to choose where to respawn after they are killed on the battlefield.
This adds a strategic edge to the gameplay, allowing players to explore new ways to catch their enemies off guard.

Tactical Insertion stands as a game-changing Field Upgrade in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3), offering players a strategic advantage by allowing them to handpick their respawn point. This is a super helpful tool, allowing you to decide the location from where you'll enter the battlefield again. Coordinating with your teammates when choosing a respawn point can also help you strategize your attacks against enemies.

However, players will have to work hard to unlock Tactical Insertion in MW3. If you want to know more about what Tactical Insertion is and how to unlock it, then you are at the right place.

Here is everything you need to know about Tactical Insertion in MW3.

What is Tactical Insertion in MW3?

Tactical Insertion is a type of Field Upgrade in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3). It allows you to choose exactly where you want to respawn in the game. You can pick any spot on the map that you can play on.

In game modes like Invasion, Ground War, or War, using Tactical Insertion can save you a lot of time. It can also help you catch your enemies off guard. If the other team is unable to detect your presence, you can gain the upper hand in the game, turning the odds in your favor.

How to Unlock Tactical Insertion in MW3?

To get Tactical Insertion, you need to reach level 45 and this can be a tedious task for some. Getting to this level quickly entails knowing how to get a lot of experience points (XP). Doing daily and weekly challenges can be super helpful in helping you gain extra XP along with playing the game normally. Also, you can use XP boost tokens to help you level up faster. This way, you can move up the ranks quickly.

Once you reach level 45, you can use Tactical Insertion by adding it to your loadout. If you have a daily challenge that requires you to use it before you unlock it, don't worry. You can still use it with the Counter-Invasion default class.

How to Use Tactical Insertion in MW3?

Using Tactical Insertion is easy. When you activate it, a flare shows up where you stand, marking the spot where you will respawn. When you die, you can choose to respawn at the flare after waiting for some time.

This lets you pick a good spot to jump back into the action and catch your enemies by surprise. Just remember, you cannot use it all the time. There's a cooldown period that you have to adhere to. However, if you don't want to get trapped in the cooldown, get the Engineer Vest as it helps reduce the cooldown time.

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