What Is Tac Stance and How Does It Work in COD: Modern Warfare 3?


What Is Tac Stance and How Does It Work in COD: Modern Warfare 3?

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Tac-Stance in COD MW3 is a new movement mechanic that aims to improve your mobility, speed of sight, and bullet spread while slightly sacrificing accuracy.
Players can access two different settings such as Tac-Stance Activation and Tac-Stance Behavior, which allows you to customize it according to their preferences.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (COD: MW3) has numerous complex mechanics that add to its immersive gameplay. Although it does not revolutionize the genre, it currently has a new addition to its system that has intrigued numerous players. This is the new Tactical Stance movement which is a core mechanic that brings a new way of engaging in combat scenarios. Although MW3 brings realistic physics from the last two entries, this feature seems to be a brand-new element incorporated into its gameplay. Without further ado, let’s figure out how Tactical Stance works in this title.

What is the Tactical Stance in COD: Modern Warfare 3?

Tactical stance (Tac-stance) is essentially a move where your weapon is slightly slanted which increases your speed of sight and your spread of bullets, making it incredibly potent at close ranges where you are too far away to perform a melee hit and too close to fully aim at your enemy.

It can be described as the perfect middle ground between hip-fire and Aiming Down Sights (ADS). You will also have increased mobility while sacrificing a bit of accuracy for quickly firing, making it useful inside close areas like buildings where you can carry on with an aggressive playstyle. Furthermore, Tac-Stance can be used while sliding too.

How Does Tac-Stance Work in Modern Warfare 3?

Tac-Stance should be automatically enabled as soon as you enter a game. Make sure you use a shoulder-mounted firearm or a weapon that does not have magnified scopes. The game allows you two different settings such as Tactical Stance Activation and Tactical Stance Behavior. Both these options will allow you to customize Tac-Stance according to your preferences.

Tactical Stance Activation gives you access to four options that will allow you to alter how it is activated. These are:

  • Off

  • ADS + Sprint

  • ADS + Melee

  • ADS + Down Button

  • Double Tap ADS

Tactical Stance Behavior also gives you three different options to toggle it on or off. These are:

  • On Toggle: It is active until the key is pressed again

  • On Respawn: It is active until your first death

  • Once: It is active until you release the ADS key.

Although the game allows you to completely disable this setting, we feel like using this would significantly enhance your combat abilities, especially if you are a beginner who is familiarizing yourself with the game’s mechanics. Although it does have a slight learning curve, using the Tac-Stance seems like a solid way to improve your close-quarter gunplay.

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