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What Is Minecraft for Education and Why Should You Use it?

Abhimannu Das
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Minecraft for Education is a learning tool that educational institutions are adopting.
Both individual and group licenses are available for parents, schools, boot camps and more.
School administrations can purchase licenses for $5.04 USD per user per year while individual licenses cost $12 USD per user per year.

Minecraft for Education is a learning tool based on the game of the same name. The developers (Mojang) decided to transform the game into an educational tool for educational institutions and it has been adopted in educational curricula at all levels, helping students learn basic mathematics, city planning, and even university-level STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) studies.

Minecraft has proven to be a valuable learning tool 

According to an official blog by Mojang, the vast majority of teachers that participated in an educational program in Australia agreed that when measured on a scale of 1 to 5, Minecraft: Education Edition provided greater engagement than other methods of teaching, with the bulk of the sample group rating this metric at 4 or 5.

Mojang revealed, “We were especially interested to hear results from the school in Far North Queensland, over 1,000 miles north of the state’s capital. Rural schools often struggle with access to resources and technology, and students can experience significant disadvantages as a result. One grade 3/4 composite class took part in the study, and the teacher was a complete novice—she’d never played Minecraft before or used it for teaching at all!” 

It is not just science and mathematics that Minecraft has helped simplify for students. The tool was used in Australia by a group of schools that participated in the NAIDOC Minecraft Education Challenge and it helped educators create a virtual world highlighting indigenous culture, and it helped students appreciate different cultures around them. 

Individual licenses can be purchased for use in camps, clubs, and other organizations. This purchase option is perfect for anyone that doesn't fit the criteria for a qualified educational organization. This is priced at $12 USD for each user per year.

School administrations can purchase licenses for $5.04 USD per user per year and bulk purchases can lead to even lower prices. In some cases, you may already have access to Minecraft for Education as part of an Office 365 license.

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