What is EA FC 24 Pundit Picks?


What is EA FC 24 Pundit Picks?

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EA FC 24 has unveiled a new feature for players called the Pundit Picks, which aims to celebrate exceptional players in Premier League and LA Liga.
This a monthly feature, honoring football players and their brilliant performances on the field.
The first Pundit Pick would be selected by the Sky Sports pundi named Jamie Carragher.

EA FC 24 is constantly raising the standard by introducing new and innovative events and programs in the game. This time, it is bringing the concept of Pundit Picks to the game. This is a monthly feature program that brings together the football pundits from Sky Sports and DAZN, who will select a player every month on the basis of their on-field performance, apart from the old Player of the Month rewards. These picks celebrate the on-field brilliance of a player, tracking their performance throughout the football season to determine the best pick. 

If you are looking forward to knowing who the esteemed pundits are who are going to be a part of this event, then fasten your seat belts. In this article, we’ll dive into understanding what pundit picks are and the Pundit Picks winner for November 2023. 

Pundit Picks Explained

EA FC 24 Pundit Picks is an exclusive EA FC 24 feature where expert pundits from Sky Sports and DAZN handpick exceptional players from the Premier League and LALIGA EA SPORTS. Unlike the usual Player of the Match or Player of the Month awards, these picks celebrate outstanding and exceptional performances in specific matches or throughout the season. 

The chosen player gets a custom upgrade in the EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, which players can unlock through a Squad Building Challenge shortly after the announcement. 

Who are the Pundits?

Jamie Carragher, the Sky Sports pundit, will make the very first Pundit Pick from players who were part of Premier League's match week 11. Subsequently, Pundit Picks will operate on a monthly basis, going back and forth between the Premier League and LALIGA EA SPORTS. December will witness the first Pundit Pick from LALIGA/Dazn, ensuring a vibrant, alternating selection pattern.

November 2023 Pundit Pick Winner

Jamie Carragher has already picked the November 2023 player as the Pundit Pick winner. This player receives this title after an exceptional performance against Arsenal and a phenomenal game winning goal against them. This amazing player is none other than Newcastle’s Anthony Gordon. 

Anthony Gordon Premier League SBC

Completing the Anthony Gordon SBC requires players to assemble two squads in the game. According to FUTBIN, one must fulfill the following criteria in order to win this card and add the player to their roster:


Number of players from England: 1 (Minimum)

Squad Rating: 83 (Minmum)

Number of players in the squad: 11

Segment cost: Approximately 22,500 coins

Premier League

Number of players from Premier League: 1 (Minimum)

Squad Rating: 84 (Minimum)

Number of players in the squad: 11

Segment cost: Approximately 47,000 coins

In total, players might end up spending around 310,000 coins for the Anthony Gordon SBC. The following are the players that you can use to assemble the complete SBCs:


  • Dali (82 OVR)

  • Hatch (82 OVR)

  • Prasnikar (82 OVR)

  • Sane (84 OVR)

  • Raphina (84 OVR)

  • Frimpong (83 OVR)

  • Krieger (82 OVR)

  • Wilson (82 OVR)

  • Mac Allister (82 OVR)

  • Fernandez (83 OVR)

  • Sanchez (82 OVR)

Premier League

  • Di Lorenzo (85 OVR)

  • Rodriguez (83 OVR)

  • Orban (83 OVR)

  • Asensio (83 OVR)

  • Kolo Muani (84 OVR)

  • Gilles (83 OVR)

  • Coman (85 OVR)

  • Llorente (84 OVR)

  • Raphina (84 OVR)

  • Freigang (83 OVR)

  • Fernandez (83 OVR)

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