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What is Dome Ripper in Valorant YR1 Stats

Abhimannu Das
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Dome Ripper in Valorant YR1 stats indicates what your headshot percentage is in-game.
The stat only accounts for year 1 data and it might not represent your current headshot accuracy.
Players can sign up for the Valorant YR1 stats by enabling promotional emails from Riot Games.

Riot Games is sharing everyone’s Valorant YR1 Stats to commemorate player achievements since launch. The stats are available via a promotional email with a ‘year in review’ stats summary that showcases your achievements. From your shot accuracy to your damage stats, there are some interesting insights you can get from the Valorant YR1 stats page. However, there is an interesting stat called ‘Dome Ripper’ in the Valorant YR1 stats page and you might be confused about what it is. Here is a rundown on how to get your YR1 stats and what the dome ripper stat means in the infographic.

Dome Ripper in Valorant YR1 stats

Dome Ripper in Valorant YR1 stats is essentially the headshot percentage that you have. The percentage is calculated based on the total number of shots you’ve taken till date and the number of headshots you have landed among them. Do note that the Dome Ripper stat only accounts for 1 year of data, so it might not be an accurate representation of your current headshot accuracy.

How to get your Valorant YR1 stats

The first thing you should do is check your email, in case you are already subscribed to Riot Games’ promotional emails. If you are not sure which email you linked to your Riot Games id, head to the official Riot Games account page and you will be able to identify the email once you put in your Valorant username and password. Login to the associated email and remember to check the Spam folder to see if you have received the Valorant ‘year in review’ stats.

  1. Head to https://account.riotgames.com/

  2. Click on Communication Preferences

  3. Check the ‘Communication from Riot Games’ box

It will allow Riot Games to send you your Valorant stats. If you have multiple accounts, you will need to repeat the process for all your Valorant IDs.

After fans raised concerns that they did not receive the emails because they turned off promotional emails, Riot Games started sending out batches of YR1 stats for players who are currently registering. The second batch of stats were sent last week and the studio might continue to send the YR1 stats to all players if you enable promotional emails.

If you enabled promotional emails and still did not receive your stats, you can consider submitting a ticket to Riot Games from the official Riot Games support page. Here is also a guide on how to submit a ticket in Valorant in case you need help.

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