What is a Clean Kill in MW3?


What Is a Clean Kill in MW3?

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A clean kill in MW3 is a type of enemy elimination where you take out your enemy without letting them retaliate.
In this article, we'll help you understand what a clean kill is and how to execute it in MW3.

With Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) thriving on its second season, there are a bunch of challenges and missions, keeping players excited. As players gear up for the second season, it is high time now that they wrap up all the challenges yet to be finished from the first season. The new season brings in new challenges, maps, weapons and much more.

Completing weekly challenges in MW3 is crucial if you want to level up. Here, you'll be required to execute certain types of kills. This also includes kills such as Clean Kills. If you are not sure what a clean kill in MW3 is, worry not.

In this article, we'll tell you all about clean kill and how to execute it.

What Is a Clean Kill in MW3?

Clean Kills in MW3 happen when you take down enemies without them hurting you back. To get Clean Kills in MW3, you must defeat enemies without getting hit, even by explosives. In simple words, you need to kill off your enemies before they can retaliate.

In MW3, there are special types of Clean Kills. These are - Suppressed Clean Kills and Clean Kills while aiming down sight (ADS). To achieve these, players need to use a suppressor Muzzle attachment and aim down sight, respectively.

To ensure a high probability of getting Clean Kills, use attachments that boost your weapon's damage range and control recoil. Tiptoe and sneak up on enemies for surprise attacks. This will definitely catch them off-guard. If they cannot react quickly, you can take them down without getting hurt.

How to get a Clean Kill in MW3?

To increase your chances of getting a clean kill, keep the following things in mind:

Use Weapons with Attachment

To get Clean Kills in MW3, players need to be strategic. As mentioned above, using attachments that improve damage range and control recoil helps. Also, using suppressor Muzzle attachments and aiming down sights (ADS) adds more challenge and skill to Clean Kills.

Choose the Right Weapon

Picking the right gun is extremely crucial for getting Clean Kills. Players can try out different weapons and add-ons to see what suits their preference. It is important to choose a weapon that can quickly attack enemies, catching them off guard.

Position and Timing

Executing the ultimate Clean Kill also depends on where you are and when you strike. Players should try to surprise enemies or take advantage of messy situations. If you learn how to position yourself and pick the right times, you'll be able to better yourself at getting Clean Kills.

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