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What Does Enhance Pointer Precision Do in Valorant?

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Enhance Pointer Precision can dynamically adjust your sensitivity in Valorant depending on your mouse movement.
The setting can be enabled or disabled based on personal preference.
Players can use Raw Accel instead which is an app that adjusts your sensitivity specifically for Valorant.

There is a setting in Windows that allows you to make precise movements with your mouse. The operating system automatically adjusts the sensitivity of your mouse depending on what you are doing. The feature has created a divide between Valorant players as some feel that it should be left enabled while others feel that it interferes with their aim. If you are a Valorant player, here are some things that you need to consider.

What does Enhance Pointer Precision do in Valorant?

Enhance Pointer Precision adjusts the sensitivity of your mouse depending on the speed you move your mouse. If you move your mouse very fast, you will notice that your cursor moves at an accelerated pace compared to its normal speed. The inverse is also true, and it can allow you to be more precise when moving your mouse slowly. 

Whether you want to leave the setting on or off is completely up to you as Valorant uses raw input, which bypasses the Windows setting altogether. However, you can leave it on or off depending on your personal preferences. It is recommended to turn the setting off as it can throw off your aim. Since you have a different mouse sensitivity in Windows compared to Valorant, it can be difficult to switch between both types of sensitivity (Enhance Pointer Precision and Raw Input).

Here’s how you can turn off Enhance Pointer Precision:

  • Press WIndows + R

  • Type “Control” and hit Enter

  • Launch Mouse Settings 

  • Head to Pointer Options and then Mouse Properties

  • Turn off Enhance Pointer Precision and Click OK.

A lot of players are using Raw Accel in Valorant instead which is a feature similar to Enhance Pointer Precision but fine-tuned for Valorant. To use Raw Accel in Valorant you need to have the following:

If you meet the pre-requisites: 

  1. Head to: https://github.com/a1xd/rawaccel/releases to download the installation zip

  2. Run installer.exe in the release directory to install the Raw Accel driver. Restart your computer for the installation to take effect.

  3. Run rawaccel.exe when the driver is installed in order to run the Raw Accel GUI.

Raw Accel modifies your mouse acceleration on its own and it does not modify your Valorant game files in any way. It is a legitimate app but players should still be wary of using third-party apps that could cause conflicts with Riot’s Vanguard anti-cheat. 

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