What Are the Arrows in Fortnite Festival and How Do You Play Them Correctly?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>What Are the Arrows in Fortnite Festival and How Do You Play Them Correctly?</p></div>
What Are the Arrows in Fortnite Festival and How Do You Play Them Correctly?


Arrows in Fortnite Festival are essentially a combination of the rectangular press notes and the hold notes.
You need to follow the pull-off method to effectively hit these white arrow notes.
Arrows are usually found in medium-difficulty for more fast-paced songs where there are almost no spaces between each note.

Chapter 5 Season One of Fortnite brought numerous additions to the competitive battle royale. Apart from the Lego mode and the Rocket Racing mode, players also got access to the Fortnite Festival, which is essentially a Guitar Hero-inspired rhythm game that allows you to play your favorite songs. While most of its mechanics are pretty straightforward and intuitive to understand, players who get past its initial stages are puzzled by the white arrow note which appears on top of the regular rectangle notes. Here’s what you need to know.

What are the Arrows in Fortnite Festival?

The arrow note in Fortnite Festival is essentially a combination of the rectangular press note and the hold note. These are also called Lift Notes or Pull-off Notes, with the latter being a term borrowed from Guitar Hero.

Arrow Keys

Speaking in Guitar terms, a pull-off note is performed by placing your finger on a specific string, playing a note, and taking your finger off the string, effectively playing the same note twice. This exact practice surprisingly translates to Fortnite’s rhythm game as well. As the name suggests, players need to pull off or lift their fingers from the keys to play it, which is what the white arrow indicates.

In Fortnite Festival, these white arrow notes typically appear on medium difficulty and above for several instruments like the guitar, bass, drums, and even for vocals. They are placed between rectangular press notes and are common in fast-paced songs.

How Do You Correctly Play the White Arrow Notes in Fortnite Festival?

Although pull-off notes are played by releasing your keys, the game doesn’t restrict you from sticking to this pattern of hitting notes. Playing these notes in the aforementioned way can be quite challenging as it does bring a steep learning curve, considering that most of the notes you play require you to just press the key once, with the press-and-hold notes being few and far between. 

You can still hit the arrow notes by double-pressing the keys if you find it difficult to follow the pull-off method. One key thing you need to remember is to observe the complexity of songs with the instrument you choose. While the double-pressing method works best for slower songs with well-spaced-out notes, playing through faster and more complex songs requires you to either have exceptional reaction time or follow the pull-off method to hit them.

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