What Are Jam Tracks in Fortnite?


What Are Jam Tracks in Fortnite?

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Jam Tracks are new items in Fortnite that you can use in the Fortnite Festival Main Stage and Jam Stage.
These tracks allow you to play rhythm games with in a party of up to four players.

Jam Tracks in Fortnite are a new type of Locker items that can be used in the Fortnite Festival Main Stage and Jam Stage, with different functionality built-in. Let's go over what are Jam Tracks in Fortnite, how to get more of them, and how to use them. These tracks are usable in the Fortnite Festival mode, where you get to play a Guitar Hero-esque game mode with your favorite tracks.

What Are Jam Tracks in Fornite?

Jam Tracks are musical items introduced in Chapter 5 Season 1 as part of the Fortnite Festival experience. They allow players to perform in-game and create their own musical sets with a variety of popular songs and instrumentals.

Jam Tracks Can Be Used in the Fortnite Festival Main Stage and Jam Stage

Fortnite Festival is a new game mode that resembles Osu! and Guitar Hero. You can choose songs for your setlist, then use your preferred control method to shred on Guitar, slap with the Bass, kill it on Keytar, bang on the Drums, or take vocals on the Mic.

Fortnite Festival features a top-tier licensed soundtrack of massive global hits spanning many genres and decades. As the Festival continues to expand, connect with your friends through cross-platform play no matter what Fortnite-supported device you play on. 

There is a Main Stage mode and a Jam Stage mode, that you an use jam tracks in.

How to Use Jam Tracks

Main Stage

Whether you’re playing solo or in a party, select “Festival Main Stage” and get ready for your show! The Main Stage supports parties of up to four players.

After selecting this experience, you and your party will enter the Backstage, where you’ll decide who plays lead (Guitar or Keytar), Drums, vocals on the Mic, and Bass. This is also where you’ll decide your setlist. To set up your list, go to the organ in the middle of the room.

Fortnite Fesival Jam Tracks

Jam Stage

The Jam Stage supports parties of up to four players. You can create mixes with your party or an ensemble of three other players you see onstage.

Once you’re on the Jam Stage, play the lead loop, Drum loop, Vox (Vocals) loop, or Bass loop of any Jam Track in your Locker. Your band can play loops of up to four different Jam Tracks simultaneously, resulting in new mashups that just might surprise you. Adjust the tempo, key, and major/minor setting to fine tune your mix.

How to Get More Jam Tracks in Fortnite

You can add up to four Jam Tracks to your setlist! Jam Tracks are songs you can perform in Fortnite Festival, and you can get more Jam Tracks by progressing in the Festival Season Pass or by purchasing them for V-Bucks in Fortnite’s Shop. If any one player in your party has a certain Jam Track, you can add that Jam Track to your party’s setlist.

Because these two Lobby Tracks have existed in Fortnite previously, players who already had them in their Locker before Fortnite Festival will receive a one-time V-Bucks refund for each one, equivalent to the amount they paid for it. They’ll also be granted the Jam Track version of the songs.

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