AQ Soldier Kills in Warzone 2.0?


What Are AQ Soldier Kills in Warzone 2.0?

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AQ Soldiers are artificial intelligence-controlled enemies that you encounter in Warzone 2.0.
These enemies are present in the battle royale as well as the new DMZ mode.
All kills against AI controlled opponents are tracked separately in the "AQ Soldier Kills" stat in Warzone.

Warzone 2.0 just released and a lot of players are confused by the stat that says “AQ Soldier kills”. A lot of players don’t know what this  means. The AQ Soldier kills stat tracks the number of artificial intelligence (AI) opponents you have killed. You can run into them in Warzone 2.0 battle royale as well as the new Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) game mode. 

How AQ Soldier Kills Work in Warzone 2.0

AQ stands for Al Qatala which is a terrorist organization operating in the United Republic of Adal. AQ soldiers are terrorists who you can kill during your playtime and they are all AI-controlled bots in both Warzone 2.0 and DMZ. When you kill an AQ soldier, it shows up in your stats and there are only three places where you can find them.

The three designated places where you can run into AQ Soldiers are the Gulag, Stronghold, and Black Sites. You can find these soldiers and killing them gives you a chance of acquiring custom loadouts, weapon blueprints, and other rewards. 

In Warzone 2.0, you are incentivized to head to the Stronghold and disarm the bomb which will allow you to get a Black Site key. Accessing Black Sites involves going through multiple AI enemies but if you clear a site, you will get access to a permanent weapon blueprint, your custom loadout, and more.

You can check your stats in Warzone to see how many AQ soldier kills you have. It is a new addition to the game which is why a lot of players are confused about the mechanics. The reason why AQ soldiers have been added to the game is to make it easier for players to access their loadouts and remove the randomness in the loot pool. If you can consistently clear Strongholds and the Black Sites, you will always have the custom loadouts that you set in the game.

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