Valorant Pranks Community With Fictional Update 4.1 Including Agent Ability Swap

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Valorant Pranks Community With Fictional Update 4.1 Including Agent Ability Swap</p></div>
Valorant Pranks Community With Fictional Update 4.1 Including Agent Ability Swap


Valorant recently posted details about Update 4.1, sharing the swapped abilities of Valorant agents.
It was also told in this update that players will have to wash away the irritating blinds and flashes in eye washing stations for 15 seconds.
However, this is just an April Fools prank and there is no such update actually coming to the game.

It is finally here, the month of glee and jokes. And just like any other game, Valorant has decided to pitch into the joyful flow of jokes and merry.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Raze went on to throw a grenade but ended up throwing Killjoy's alarmbots? Or that the smoke from Omen would end up healing your teammates rather than blinding your enemies? Well, you do not have to imagine anymore. Valorant is here with a new update which has got the entire community riled up.

Continue reading to learn what Riot Games has up its sleeve for Valorant April Fools 2024.

Valorant April Fools 2024: Pranks Community With Fictional Update 4.1 Including Agent Ability Swap

Riot Games posted a short video on X (formerly Twitter) that depicted different agents undergoing chaotic gameplay. As can be seen in the video below, agents have abilities that are not their own.

In the first clip, Chamber can be seen exercising an ability, but what comes out is unexpected. Instead of seeing his own abilities, we see Neon's Fast Lane lining up. Similarly, Neon can be seen throwing away Skye's flash when it is supposed to be her abilities coming out.

Valorant has announced a pretty big change in the game, as the developer can be quoted saying, "We are swapping all of our agents' abilities."

Not only that, Valorant has also announced a solution to shrug off flashes in the game. This means players will have to follow the guidelines of the health and safety organization.

To do so, players will have to wash away their eyes in a washing basin situated in every map. The devs call these the 'Eye Washing Stations'.

The only catch is that the location of each washing station, will remain unknown. But if by sheer luck, you are able to find the station, you will have to press F and wait for 15 seconds until the blind is washed away.

And, if any of your teammates try to be cheeky and guide you in the wrong direction, they will be muted for the rest of the game.

Valorant April Fools 2024

If there are any players who are not fans of this update, well, they will have to deal with it anyway. This is what the developer is heard saying at the end of the video.

Many players started panicking when this update, 4.1 was announced. However, this is just an April Fools prank. The game will continue to function normally as it does. Valorant just decided to dip its hands in the April Fools lane to prank the player base. And they were pretty successful initially, fooling several fans who believed the update to be real.

Valorant Play an April Fools prank on players

Players should strictly keep in mind that this is not a real update and was just an April Fools prank, poking fun at the community.

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