Valorant Points Price in Thailand


Valorant Points Price in Thailand

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With a number of third-party resellers offering Valorant Points at cheap prices in Thailand, you need to be careful of fake websites.
Riot officially sells points only via Amazon, CodaShop, and their in-game Valorant store in Thailand.
If you are short by a few Valorant Points when making purchases, you can request Riot Games to give you up to 50 VP for free.

Valorant Points (VP) are available on several online platforms in Thailand as well as the in-game Valorant store. But how much do the coins cost, and where can you get the best deal for buying Valorant Points in Thailand? The three main options you have are prepaid cards that you can buy in stores and online platforms, the in-game store which offers numerous purchase options including debit cards, credit cards, and online portals, and third-party sellers like CodaShop.

Coda Payments partnered with Riot Games in June 2020 to offer Valorant Points from their in-game store, and it offers more payment options than the in-game storefront for players in Thailand.

Valorant Points Pricing in Thailand

  • 540 Points - 150 baht

  • 1130 Points - 300 baht

  • 1945 Points - 500 baht

  • 3930 Points - 1,000 baht

  • 5550 Points - 1,400 baht

  • 11500 Points - 2,800 baht

Here are the in-game prices for prepaid cards and in-game purchases for Valorant Points in Thailand. Do note that prepaid cards that are not from Thailand and do not have baht as the currency will not work in your region when redeeming Valorant Points. Unlike Steam gift cards that offer currency conversion, Riot Games does not offer such a feature.

Valorant Points Price in Thailand in CodaShop

Valorant Points Price in Thailand in CodaShop

Redeeming Valorant Gift Cards

While Riot Games prepaid cards are available at physical stores and are usable in all games, VALORANT prepaid cards are available digitally through Amazon. Whenever you purchase a gift card, you need to have your code ready, which you receive via email.

  1. Log into the VALORANT game client.

  2. Click on the VALORANT icon located to the right of the Store tab

  3. Select Prepaid Cards & Codes

  4. Input the code provided for your card

  5. Press Submit

  6. Your points will now be credited to your account.

How to Get 50 Valorant Points for Free

If you find yourself in a situation where you need just a few Valorant Points (VP) to buy another skin but don’t quite have enough VP, Riot Games gives you up to 50 Valorant Points for free. All you need to do is ask nicely and make a Valorant-themed artwork. It does not have to be too fancy, as long as you get the message across.

You can ask for a maximum of 50 Valorant Points at a time only, and it does not work if you ask for it frequently. If you are genuinely short of getting a skin or any item by a few points, they will check and offer you the remaining points.

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