Valorant Outlaw vs Marshal vs Operator: Damage, Fire Rate & Price Compared


Valorant Outlaw vs Marshal vs Operator: Damage, Fire Rate & Price Compared

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Valorant recently released new weapon Outlaw with its recent update, Episode 8 Act 1.
Outlaw is a sniper rifle that bridges the gap between the Marshal and Operator.
Here is a comprehensive comparison of the three weapons: Outlaw, Marshal and Operator.

Valorant was released in June 2020 and no new weapon was added to the arsenal until the release of the Outlaw sniper in Episode 8. This weapon is somewhere in between a Marshal and an Operator, with unique mechanics. Naturally, Valorant players are keen on comparing the three available snipers to see which one works in what situation. In this article, we will take a closer look at the damage, fire rate, cost and other details about all three snipers.

Here is Valorant Outlaw vs Marshal vs Operator compared.

What Is Valorant's Latest Weapon, Outlaw?

Outlaw is a newly added sniper rifle to the Valorant arsenal. 


The Outlaw in Valorant is a true disruptor with its swift double-shot capability. It's not just a rifle; it's a drastic shift in weapon dynamics of the game. Probably the biggest advantage of this weapon is its ability to fire bullets continuously without having to zoom out—a problem with both the Marshal and the Operator.

It also bridges a significant gap between Marshall and Operator, adding a sense of balance to the hero shooter. Valorant writes, "We hope the Outlaw will fill a gap between the Marshal and Operator in terms of power and price. The Outlaw also has a blend of elements from each of the other snipers, while of course introducing a few new elements of its own."

Outlaw vs Marshal vs Operator Compared

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The vision behind adding this sniper rifle, as Valorant mentions, is to "bring more options for those of you who like, well, sniping. And a new sniper also adds more strategic depth to Valorant overall."

Valorant Outlaw: Statistics

Before we jump into a comparison between the three weapons, let us take a look at what Outlaw is offering.

Outlaw Specs


The Outlaw is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that boasts a two-slug magazine, with a total of 12 slugs. Both cannot be fired at once but can be fired in succession, rapidly. After shooting just one slug, you can reload faster compared to firing both. The fire rate for the gun is 2.75 rounds/sec. Unlike the Marshal or Operator, when you shoot the Outlaw, you don't have to zoom out; you can stay zoomed in for better aim and speed.

Outlaw costs 2,400 credits.

Outlaw vs Marshal vs Operator Compared

Here is a final comparison of the three weapons in terms of their price, fire rate and damage:

With this, Valorant players may be able to identify how Outlaw is a perfect bridge between the two guns Marshal and Operator. This allows the game to provide more balance for players who wish to improve their sniping without having to compromise their performance or their creds.

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