Valorant Mobile Release Date

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Valorant Mobile Release Date


Valorant Mobile is probably one of the most highly anticipated mobile version of a game ever.
Players will likely get to see a Valorant Mobile trailer soon, probably in the summer of 2024.
Here is the insider on the release date for Valorant Mobile and other details related to it.

Valorant is a 5v5 character based tactical shooter that has become quite popular over the years. Since its release, fans have been enthusiastically waiting for a mobile version.

Every year, Valorant fans wonder if this could be the year of the release. While Riot Games has stayed mum on the topic, various leaks have suggested that a mobile version is indeed on the way and will hit the markets soon.

But when will this day arrive? It seems like we have an answer now!

Valorant Mobile Release Date

During a special press conference that took place at Valorant Masters Madrid 2024, several developers were seen talking about the mobile version of Valorant.

At that point in time they had stated, "Development continues on Valorant Mobile," but had no significant updates to share.

The developers acknowledged the leaks from play tests, stating that they are exploring different avenues for the game and still trying out things. They added that players may likely receive a major release-related update in the later months of 2024.

Valorant Mobile Trailer Release Date

While talking about Valorant Mobile, there are also reliable data minders who have shared updates regarding the trailer launch as well.

One such reliable leaker, just4leaks2 (Shaun Weber) on X (formerly Twitter) shared some updates regarding the trailer. He went on to state certain timelines for the trailer and game showcase.

While Riot Games has not made any explicit comments on the status of when the game is coming, it might be sooner than we realize. A lot of leaks surfaced online, getting players riled up and excited.

With Valorant Mobile, Riot Games will be able to reach out to a wider set of gamers, which may lead to exponential growth in the gaming industry as well.

Valorant Mobile Gameplay

With leaks of details regarding the game's release date, features and such, gameplay clips of the game have also surfaced. This has been made possible because Riot Games is currently running gaming tests in China, from where these clips have been leaked.

The gameplay is quite similar in appearance to the PC version, which has made a lot of fans happy. It is not always possible to replicate the game when moving from one platform to another, especially when it is a drastic change from PC to mobile, however, these gameplay clips suggest otherwise.

It has also been reported that Valorant Mobile will not have cross-playing feature with other platforms like PC.

This is everything we know about the Valorant Mobile release date so far. None of these rumors have been confirmed by Riot Games, so it is better to take them with a grain of salt. However, what we do know is that Valorant Mobile is coming and we are more excited for it than ever before.

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