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Valorant Download Stuck at 0.1 KB? Here’s How to Fix it

Abhimannu Das
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Valorant's downloads can be stuck due to server or connectivity issues that can be tricky to fix.
Before trying any solutions we recommend checking if Valorant's servers are in maintenance or not.
Changing DNS, closing all Riot Games processes or restarting your router could fix the issue.

When Valorant updates, sometimes the download gets stuck at 0.1KB and no progress is made no matter how long you leave the launcher up. Before trying any potential fixes, make sure you check Riot Games’ Support page or Twitter account to see if the servers are down. Here is how you can fix Valorant downloads being stuck at 0.1 KB.

How to Fix Valorant download stuck at 0.1 KB

Head to the official Riot Games Support Twitter account. If there are any server issues, there will be a tweet letting players know about it. You can also go to the official support page and check if any maintenance is scheduled when you run into the issue.

If the servers are up and you are facing the issue here’s what you can do: 

Solution 1: Restart the Download 

  1. Exit the launcher.

  2. Right-click on your Taskbar.

  3. Click on Task Manager.

  4. Search for Riot Vanguard and other processes starting with “Riot”.

  5. Right-click on all of the Riot processes and click “End Process”.

  6. Start the download again

Solution 2: Change DNS

Network issues might cause Valorant’s download to be stuck at 0.1 KB. You should consider changing your DNS on your computer or on your router to see if it helps. Login to your router and head to the setup page. Leave all existing settings intact and change your primary and secondary DNS to any of the following:





There is also an app you can install by Cloudflare that can toggle OpenDNS on or off. Head to and download the app for Windows. Once installed, toggle it on and try playing Valorant.

If neither of the solutions work, try restarting your computer and see if it helps. If you are unable to download an update or the game itself, you should then reach out to your ISP and see if  support staff can help you. If not, you should submit a ticket to Riot Games, explaining your problem and you will receive personalized assistance.

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